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What are you watching right now?


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@berto the resi show was honestly cringe

It was weird, and by the end i realised it was like a bad parody and i laughed at how bad some bits were

That is just in my opinion, i am sure some will like it as a zombie show to a degree, but resi fans i feel will really dislike it


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That is no surprise berto lol, i started locke and key last night

Pretty decent so far, cool concept and it is quite quirky


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I finally got to finish the Latino dub of My Dress-Up Darling. I hate that I need a vpn to watch the Mexican dubs of show I was promised access to in Spanish when I signed up for this crap. If the Crunchyroll apps weren’t garbage I’da switched already. Still have one last episode of Spy x Family left. Shame it takes so long. Have to wait another couple of months for Bond to make his debut.


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Toaru Majutsu no Index. It's got to be the best anime show I've seen. States the logic of everything that happens while keeping the action going.

Have a peek

Edit: Meant to link the dub version. You can search it on the site though. Hmm... They probably got the devil may cry anime too thinking about it.
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Ms. Marvel on Disney+

4 episodes in and I'm enjoying it. It's fun recognizing all the Indian songs. It ties in the Partition. It's surprisingly better than I thought it was gonna be.


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I saw Dragonball Super Superhero earlier this morning. This the best Dragonball movie for me. It has everything about I liked about the franchise, without the annoying bits, time wasters, nor constantly relying on Goku and Vegeta! It's Gohan, Piccolo, and several others time to shin here! The 3D animation is superb and is not robot and stiff, unlike some anime from the late 2010s and early 2020s. Due note that this another movie for the fans. The intro does have a nice reanimated recap from DB & DBZ, but you will be completely lost, if you were a casual or non-fan. I saw this at the MJR Epic; the equivalent of IMAX. No regrets.

EDIT: Android 21 is canon now!



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Who’s Afraid of Modern Art: Vandalism, Video Games, and Fascism

A nice video that now lives rent-free whenever someone tries to argue about what "real art" is.


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For YouTube stuff, I've been binging a lot of Dark Souls lore and Darkstalkers lore videos. 2 of my new favorite franchises and both also shorthanded as "DS"... :unsure:

For stream services, I'm currently on Season 3 of Doom Patrol and Season 5 of Rick & Morty (ugh, Season 6 already started) on HBO Max. Trying to binge as much HBO stuff as possible before I cancel next month, since the service is going to be kaput soon. I'll likely just try to finish up dP, Rick & Morty (which I can just watch on adult swim, sure), and The Peacemaker. No REAL interest in House of Dragons, although there are a few other series I am interesting in - Chernobyl, Raised by Wolves, and The Wire to name a few. But there's plenty of stuff to watch elsewhere, so I don't mind missing out on those for now.

After that, it's back to a ton of anime, Prime (The Boys S3, Ring of Power, Zero Zero Zero, and Outer Range specifically), and maybe Netflix stuff (The Witcher S2 and Squid Games in particular).
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