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Wandering Ghost


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I’m...not exactly great with thread titles. And well, since this is the name of the trophy for being here for 10 years I thought I’d just roll with it. Or, y’know...swing with it...

I won’t ramble on because I’m sure I’d bore you all to tears, and I’m also extremely tired. I should’ve actually done this a few days ago but I never got around to it, so I’m doing it now. Any objections? No? Good :)

So ten years is a long time, huh. It’s quite the milestone. It does seem a bit crazy how it’s been that long already. Even my relationship’s anniversary comes second to my forum’s one. Makes me feel old...(just as well I still have my good looks)....Ha...

I’m glad to be here and I appreciate everyone that helps to make this place what it is. Thank you guys and girls, and Steve...lol

Here’s to another...I’ll say 10 years, but damn I’ll really be old then (like, I’ll be pushing close to 40). Hope my spider powers can slow down my aging. No wait, I think that’s more Wolverine or something...anyway.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m incredibly grateful and appreciative for everything over these past 10 years, and thank you all for a wonderful time.



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I object.

Oh wait, am I too late for that? Did I need to be there while you were writing that to object, like at a wedding? Or can we object whenever we want? I guess marriage would be hell if that was the case. I mean it kinda is like that if your drunk aunt mouths off about your spouse on facebook, but that's not like objecting at a wedding. There's some credence to that. We would have to defend our matrimony like, every other month. Maybe with weapons. Or just court if we're lucky. Either way, it would make things really difficult.

Congrats on 10 years man. Holy crap

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Congrats, mate.
You'd think we don't have a life, the way we deviate back to this forum again and again.
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