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Unlock Everything


Let's rock, baby!
When the game comes out I hope they have the same cheat that can unlock everything.


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u r rite but then u wont get the satisfaction of playing the game in every difficulty and unlocking everything!trust me i wanted to use cheats wen i played dmc 3 SE becos i had never played any of the dmc games b4.but after getting the hang of the game,i managed to get everything including special costumes.it took me a while to finish all the difficulty modes of course!hahaha....


Aya Brea
CHEATER! D: That just takes the whole fun of being rewarded with this stuff by actually playing it through. I'm pretty sure they will. All the DMC games at least had a cheat or two...

Devil Leon

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Well theres two sides to this in my opinion. Its a nice idea, because I've used it myself when I've wanted to start a fresh file using an unlockable costume - in this way you can use the costume, but still are able to obtain the Devil Arms on their levels and start from scratch with with a different outfit, which is something you can't do normally.

However, I would never do this unless I'd already earned the features myself previously - Cheating for something you haven't earned destroys the value of it, in my eyes. So I wouldn't mind the idea, but I don't want to see loads of new people getting lazy and cheating for what I put effort into earning :p

VI-Rainbow;63392 said:
CHEATER! All the DMC games at least had a cheat or two...

Really? I thought it was just DMC3/SE?


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^same that's what i thought.
cheat, dont cheat, i dont run your lives.

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Oh actually DMC2 had a couple of cheats, but it was just to unlock Dante and Lucia's respective Diesel gear. Apart from that there was nothing like DMC3's unlock all cheat, and DMC1 didnt have any.

I'm not sure if they will have cheats, since there are achievements now. However some games (such as GH3) have cheats, but they disable the ability to unlock most achievements while active.


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Yeah I hope there is a key to unlock everything, then I turn it off without even playing it, that's the best thing to do with games I find. Turn them on, put a cheat in, say "there, I've done it" and turn it off. Great value for money.


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I bring my mum into the room and say "Mum, look at that, I got the high score" she says "I don't understand" and I say "of course you don't"


well getting an SS on every mission is nigh impossible so some cheat would be nice of course only after you've every difficulty :)


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Yeah, I don't care what other people do with their games. But for me personally, it would be a waste of money to do that. What struck me was how early this topic was made, the game isn't even out, so we don't know how hard it's going to be anyway - or what will be unlocked by doing XYZ. In DMC3, you only got crappy images for doing SS anyway.

I hope that in DMC4, you can't get rankings by using the extra powerful costumes. It shouldn't keep your score if you do it with extra powers like that, it defeats the point of ranking in the first place.
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