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The Capcom Super Election results are in


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I'm not gonna lie, I am not ENTIRELY surprised that Dante ended up being the most liked character but I was about DMC5 being the most liked game. By a pretty significant margin too.

And looking at the fact that Dino Crisis is number 2, I don't think this is just the result of new kids on the block liking the most recent game the best.

My surprise, to be honest, might just come from the fact that so far, I've always bought into the narrative that DMC was a niche series. Maybe it was kinda the case back then but DMC5 seems to have changed that. I thought for sure that DMC3 would still be the most liked DMC game.

Here's hoping Capcom takes note if this, they may be as surprised as I am that it wasn't a Resident Evil game or a Street Fighter game to take top spot there.


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I was surprised too. The results give me hope we’ll see a DMC6 within the next few years.


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That's the thing I never got. Why is Chris so popular? He's ok but when you get down to it he's kinda flat wooden board. X is too but he fits for his series. There's nothing wrong with an over the top clean hero type like he is in 5 but he needs more to set him aside. Leon is a lot more like Dante, at least in OG 4. He's got bravado and confidence delivered with a 80's/90's cheese. It gives them charisma.

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congrats to Dante and DMC5

i'm surprised Protoman or Bass wasn't chosen over Classic Megaman.

@berto I thought it was cause of his arc. Chris started as a rookie in 1 and becomes a more tragic hero post 5.


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I have never come across anyone who liked chris that much, but loads who like claire and leon.
I actually have. This was at the top of RE5's popularity. People were dumping on 4 because 5 was better, according to them, and, by extension, Chris was better than Leon. One prime example of a mensa member argued with me that the stats on his guns meant he was better than Leon by merit of power levels on the screen. Fanboy logic at its prime.
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