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SteamWorld Build

Dark Drakan

Well-known Member

Browsing around Steam yesterday I happened to notice there was a 'Base Builder Fest' sale on. As someone who is a big fan of base building titles this sounded like the perfect opportunity to take a look around. While browsing around I came across the trailer for a new title in the SteamWorld franchise called SteamWorld Build, it is out later this year and already has a demo out for it too. Described as Settlers/Anno meets Dungeon Keeper it sounded like something I would like.

SteamWorld Build Steam Page (Demo)

Before coming across this title I was not familiar with the SteamWorld franchise of games but I took a look a look around and at the time of writing this they have other games in the franchise and DLC on sale for 75% and 85% off.

SteamWorld Dig - 94% Positive Rated

SteamWorld Dig 2 - 95% Overwhelmingly Positive Rated

SteamWorld Heist - 96% Overwhelmingly Positive Rated

SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech - 88% Positive Rated
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