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Sage Mears [Voice of Kat] plays DmC


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I don't watch porn because nipples scare me....well female nipples that is.

I try watching Japanese porn (that includes hentai) only with the volume fully on to test my fortitude and mental resistance.....I can still only last like 2.5 minutes before going insane.

My last record was 4 minutes...okay, I lied it was 1.

Nipples are nipples on every human being.They look the same both on a man and a woman. It's weird that they freak you out though. xD
I tried to watch hentai again but I just can't,I close the tab after the first 30 seconds,not because of fright,but because I'm not mentally able to bear with them.



Smile it confuses people
I think that one proves why. They're too busy falling asleep and being cute. Speaking of rabbits, there was a baby wild rabbit in my family's back yard. Just including that since you brought them up in the first place.

Daaaw, I have three rabbits that stay indoors [have foxes in the area o_o.] Those three are like my babies.

White Angel

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I found this on tumblr and freaked. It's Sage playing DmC, but also seeing her animated self as Kat for the first time.

I know I am late at the party but I'd really really love to see this too. Does anyone have it saved or can reupload it?
I tried looking for it all over the net but I can't find anything :(

@Alittleacorn I used to follow your Tumblr about DmC, I really liked it!
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