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Resident Evil IX

Gasoline Tank

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Ooh. What's this? ☺️




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Just a heads up, tweets don't really embed on this site, so we can't see what you posted other than the youtube video.

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I disagree as I never found RE5 to be controversial. It's just average in that 80s/90s anime way. Japanese anime and games don't tend to portray non-japan well.

Since 5 and 6 are controversial in the fandom for being action focused, remaking them to be more horror focused would be a good idea.

I feel 6's strengths are in the new faces than Leon or Chris. So I'd highlight them more and switch the villians to President Svetlana from RE Dammation.

So setting RE9 outside of the states and having the main heroes and villians be local to the new setting would be a good way to go.
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Gasoline Tank

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RE5 ain't even remotely racist. If that was the case, RE4 could be called racist as well, seeing as how Leon Kennedy has to kill hundreds of Spanish locals.
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