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Resident Evil: all the things that Capcom has copied...

Nail Polish Remover

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Well, I wanted to make this topic just to like, prove a point. Capcom really does copy things from other games, and imitates iconic scenes from horror movies. Now of course, this has been evident even in the early days of the series, for sure. But it's definitely a lot more noticeable (as in, "obvious") these days that Capcom are a bunch of hacks...

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In Resident Evil 6, you are in war torn regions with a platoon. But can you guess what other successful game did it first? Gears of War.

In both games, you can unleash that inner kid, and play on a slide in a park as well. :p

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 also ripped off the first Bloater fight, among many other assets, from The Last of Us. You don't believe me, eh? Check out these videos. :D

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But sure. Defenders will be defenders and say to people online, "Oh, it wasn't copying at all!" Yet Capcom's game came out after Naughty Dog's game did. Well, about 20 months later.

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Bloater? Blubber?

Say that again, nice and slow. Also, notice how you kill these things, and exit on the left side of these rooms, huh? Also: there's a dam, winter section, crafting system, runners, immune girl, and a bearded male who just so happened to have lost his daughter. Gee, that doesn't sound familiar at all, does it? :)

Resident Evil Village also copied the creepy house from P.T., and they most certainly took inspiration from their very own RE4, for what it's worth, with just a few slight little changes to the order of where you go on the map!

Capcom copied these games precisely after they got released, shown off, and in the case of Silent Hills - canned. So yeah. Why act as if Capcom aren't total money grabbers and taken credit for other people's ideas? Even the remake of RE4 will be missing a lot of content and personality, surely. But don't let me put you off from purchasing it. Because I know people are going to buy it and just ask Capcom to spend 19 long months working on post launch DLC, that ought to have been in the game initially anyway.


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I'd say its less of a case of them copying those examples specifically and more of a case of just falling back on tropes that became common place.
The bloater from The Last Of Us wasn't exactly revolutionary either, ever since Left 4 Dead " Big zombie that spews poison" has been pretty common in zombie games.
So unoriginal, yeah. Directly plagiarizing the specified games, doubtful.

Nail Polish Remover

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Well, I think they were copying. It's just too much of a coincidence that a game comes out or gets footage aired, and then Capcom's next game has noticeable similarities. Had it been a modest reference, maybe I could say it was them just paying homage. But it does look like they enjoy copying people's work, then passing it off as their own. That's plagiarism.

Like take for example, when they copied an artist's symbols to include as decor in the games, and this had to go to court. So it's not like this is anything new.


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Now of course, this has been evident even in the early days of the series, for sure. But it's definitely a lot more noticeable (as in, "obvious") these days that Capcom are a bunch of hacks...
It was totally noticeable (as in, "obvious") even from the beginning.

I remember the first time I saw Resident Evil back in 1996 and my first thought was:
"Is this the latest Alone In The Dark game?"

And sure enough, even Mikami admitted that they took Alone In The Dark as an inspiration for the prerendered background format.
Additionally, Mikami also talked about how he took Dawn Of The Dead as an inspiration for the game's zombie theme.

This is not the first time you brought up "Capcom copies stuff" and acting as though it's only happening in the most recent games.
You not only posted that here multiple times but you even created dummy accounts and posted this same subject in other sites.
It's almost to the point of trolling.

If you want to call them "hacks" for a little inspiration, then they have been "hacks" for the first three games, due to "ripping-off" Alone In The Dark.
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