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Resident Evil 4 Remake

Piranha Plant

Well-known Member
Leon looks the same age, at first sight. :(

Oh, this is supposedly going to be connected to RE8. It's definitely likely. But I think after this game comes out, I would rather see Capcom release Revelations 3, or something.


Dr. Cheesesteak

Well-known Member
I remember playing it's Wii port but never finishing it.

Maybe this time? ;)
This is me, also. I think I got about 3/4 of the way through, also, just to stop playing for whatever reason.

Tbh, I wasn't a huge fan of OG RE4. But given how well the new RE games (7, 2make, 3make, 8) have been written and designed, I presume I'll like RE4make just fine...


I Saw the Devil
I am completely apathetic to this. RE4 was a masterpiece but it wasn't just the gameplay. The whole experience came together just right. It was made with all things balanced out to work out the way it did. That includes the cheese and camp. These new games are cheesy but not in the right way. They have more in common with the camp of the last RE movie, Welcome to Raccoon City, than they ever will with the games they are recreating. RE4 is just going to be more of those and none of what made the original come together for me. The cast, the grade A cheese dialogue, the ridiculousness of the situation, the way the characters were basically 80's/90's action cutouts, just look at how Ada is dressed, and it is glorious. This, though... From what little dialogue Leon has this feels like it's going to take itself far too seriously and the set you for this whole ordeal just isn't made for it. It just doesn't fit. This became tremendously glaring with REmake2, when Ada kisses Leon. It just isn't fitting for people who met like 4 hours ago to fall in love with such a serious set up. It works in the original because it was as grounded as a Steven Seagal movie, but when they are going for that grounded, serious and somber tone, it just doesn't match.

I might get it, I might not. I know Shinji Mikami is involved but depending on the depth of said involvement I might tap out and stick to the originals going forward.

Piranha Plant

Well-known Member
RE4 caused a noticeable deviation with the lore, but I agree that it's generally a great game. So making it more survival horror like is fine by me. I never really found the original was all that scary, but some notable parts were the Regenerators and the initial village section, where Leon can jump out of a window into the path of a chainsaw carrying psycho.

I just have to wonder if they will be bullet absorbers like the zombies in the RE2 and 3 remakes... :D
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