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Red Dead Redemption 2 Vestigia Overhaul Mod

Dark Drakan

Well-known Member
I came across this mod while having my usual browsing around session and it is a mod created by Modder no12 called Vestigia.

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The huge mod overhauls portions of the entire game, and has been in the works for over a year. The most notable improvements include the weather, wildlife and NPC behaviour systems. The mod is a combination of 4 mods which Modder no12 refers to as 'modules'.​

Module: Weather Systems
-Overhauls all weather transitions and makes them constant. Above making the game's weather system feel like a connected system, rather than a bunch of disjoint timecycles, this means that transitions are now slow enough to not be jarring and much more natural. However, the game can still force transitions in some instances.
-Changes the temperature system to be more in line with late spring-early summer US.
-Adjusts chances of different weather events accordingly.

Module: Visuals

-All timecycles completely overhauled to create more lifelike weather conditions (regional/ground fog, low clouds, more realistic rain, snow and dust storms, etc.).
-A lot of visualsettings.xml changes, including, but not limited to TAA, sharpening, and cirrus clouds.
-An overhaul of all rain, snow, and ice drops.
-Changes in the wind system, and other weather.xml changes.
-More foam when in contact with water.
-More realistic ped effects (breathing cycles, sweat, etc.).

Module: Flora-Related Changes
-Changes in material simulation to create more responsive terrain.
-Denser underbrush for forests.
-More realistic scrublands.

Module: Civilian Densities (can be somewhat performance intensive)
-Raises the Civilian limit to 255.
-More Civilians in cities.
-More realistic wildlife placement.
-Generally more birds.
-Changes in animal and human AI.
-Civilians are more likely to converse between themselves.
-Birds flap their wings a little faster.

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