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Reboot Batman Beyond


Let's rock, baby!
How would you reboot Batman Beyond into a different series?

I see Damian Wayne as the mentor to Terry. Plus a new Nightwing to join in.

Dana should learn of Terry's identity later on.


I Saw the Devil
Nope. Terry and Bruce. No reboot, continuation. I'm sick of reboots and Batman Beyond never got it's do.

Anyway, in the comics and in Justice League Dana did know. She learned about it by deductive reasoning in the comic version.

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
Btw the beyond the joker movie and the Epilogue episode in Justice League unlimited, I feel batman beyond got a good ending.

I wouldnt mind seeing Justice League Beyond tho.


That Guy Who Hates Fox McCloud
It doesn't need a reboot. The comics have had the right idea by setting each storyline in direct continuity with the end of the TV Series, which technically saw its finale with the Return of the Joker movie. The Hush Beyond & 10,000 Clowns comic, JLB and Beyond 2.0 all succeeded in tying into the show's story, and even the latest Rebirth series is attempting to do the same as well.

It's because the Beyond TV series established such a strong roster of original foes for Terry, as well as a lot of prominent supporting characters in his school environment. You lose all of those things in a reboot, and it's no longer Batman Beyond.

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
Ehh i rather see the new blood do like a Robin or Batgirl cartoon or give someone not connected to Batman a chance to shine.

Like can we get an actual Superman cartoon? or a flash one? We are overdue for a WW one. Greg Weisman of YJ fame wanted to do a green arrow spinoff for YJ let him do that.

Batman beyond (and the 2000s batman cartoon) were my batman but im cool with them taking a backseat to someone else.

You know what, Bruce Timm should do a Batman beyond for the DC Animated movie line.
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