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Quotes From Your Own Work!

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be loyal to what matters
The rising tide met Javed's feet. He guessed the morning water would be cold but this chill was another level. There's a learning curve to standing in the morning tide and he will master it. Besaid has this odd calm he wouldn't get back home.

He heard footsteps approach. The feet were light and practiced. It was someone used to sneaking around. But it wasn't professional as the steps felt timid. He didn't turn around when a soft voice said...

"Couldn't sleep either... I'm sorry Javed they didn't say your rank..."

"I don't have one..Javed...is fine." He paused as he took in what the girl with the double pistols was wearing. She traded in her junior stripper top for a more traditional outfit. It felt more old Asian than the sari Nari would wear.

An ever-present smile was on her face but she was embarrassed. It looked cute and he wondered if this was practiced.

A smirk appeared as she remarked "I'm Yuna".

Javed nodded, trying to maintain eye contact. Her eyes were different colors and they mesmerized.

A pout appeared, snapping him out of his reverie.

"I'm a consultant for the squad. I'm not a military man".

The smirk reappeared.

"But you still wear their outfits."

"Trust me, my old clothes were a mess. This was the only option outside of fighting naked."

A laugh escaped and she hid it with her hand. A blush was visible. She didn't seem as flirty as the tan girl with the micro bikini and the one with short hair and a nice ass.

- a noncanon meeting between Javed, the protagonist of my in progress novel and Yuna from FF10-2.
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be loyal to what matters
"My father was not a nice man. To call him an asshole would be charitable. He beat people up for a living- mostly because other people paid him to. Mom lied and stole but she doesn't hurt people a lot. She would avoid it or leave it to him. He taught us how to fight by taking us along and putting us in harm's way. To my father- the test was the lesson and failure has consequences. Getting the count wrong would get someone hurt more. Violence is unavoidable but how much others got hurt was up to you. He was in the army and lived in the wild. He wanted to teach us how to survive but Barabunki didn't have the right kind of forest. It wasn't like a planet- the forests were sybtheis- **** Latif knew the word but he's too busy sulking. The brothel girl threw out his flowers."

Part 2-

(Years later)
Human left the Old Earth centuries ago. They found other life and realized the other life didn't like them much. Fighting happened and it lasted centuries more, spilling out to today. It reminded me of the Widening Gyre. I won't say the writer's name, I'll butcher it. I wanted to reread it but the bookstore didn't have it. I guess the prison library needed it more. The copy in prison was small and light. Using it to block a Shiv didn't work as well as I hoped."

Writing excersize- exploring a character's pivotal moment through kid and adult lense.

I had fun writing it but I meandered too much and time ran out.


the horror was for love
From a Bloodborne AU of Yuukoku no Moriarty/Moriarty the Patriot that's been giving me a break from work/Fable writing for a little while now. (Not sure if I'll ever post it, but I'm enjoying thinking about it.)

Something’s been eating the children in the orphanage. That’s the rumour that’s been circulating every time another child vanishes, at any rate. He’s heard it enough times that repetition makes no difference. A beast stalks the halls in the night—what it wants, no one is certain: it takes the troublemakers and the devout, the youngest and the eldest, all the same. There is no discernible pattern to why, or when, it comes. Sometimes it will not come for a fortnight; other times, it comes several nights in a row. The only sign of its passage is the absence it leaves behind.

The elder children express nothing but disdain at the rumours. ‘They’ve been adopted, that’s all,’ some say, shooing them back to their lessons. The ones who have committed themselves to the Healing Church’s doctrine, who fully believe what they have been taught, whispered of other things. Of blood saints and hidden rituals. Of the clock tower that looms above them all, never granting exit to anyone who enters. Each hushed before they say too much.

He has no set opinion on the matter beyond that something is terribly wrong here. He would rather be in either of their previous orphanages: where the matrons had been kind instead of the dour, robed figures that paced these cold, stone halls, even if there had never been enough food to eat or warm blankets for all the children. But that’s done now. The cases of ashen blood are appearing more frequently, and it’s no longer safe in the old part of town. All he can do is decide on his next move. There aren’t many he has left to make. His little brother doesn’t like it here either—though they haven’t had enough privacy to speak of it at length, he can tell from the set of Louis’s shoulders and the darkness of his expression when he lapses into quiet thought—but living on the streets isn’t currently feasible. Not while Louis is ill. (They still don’t know what’s wrong with him; not ashen blood, but something in his chest that steals his breath and makes his heart ache with near unbearable pain. The nuns have offered no explanation, not even in their ledgers the few times he’s crept away to look at them over the last half-year. ‘Undiagnosed malady,’ Louis’s entry says; the notes on Louis’s blood-work mirror his own: ‘Malnourished. Oddly sweet in odour.’) And there is nowhere else to turn to.

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be loyal to what matters
From "The next step forward"- a one shot devoting to Davood and Yara deciding what to do about their fledging relationship. It's centered on two characters from DC Comics in their civilian identities.

As the sun in a sleek yet sterile corner of Metropolis, we check in on our leads running through a hallway. Davood, a man with a brownish skin tone and cropped hair reaches the door first and levitates his keys from underneath the welcome mat. Yara, a woman with raven colored hair skids across the hallway grabbing his jacket to stop herself. Davood pulls her close out of reflex and Yara makes use of the oppurtunity to tickle him in response.

Davood muttered "That's cheating" as he started to laugh.

Yara responds "You broke the rules first" with a fierce look in her eye.

"we all can't be Amazons Habeebi" Davood says teasingly

"Shame, I'd let you wear my skirt" Yara retorts with a smile on her face.

While Yara waited for his retort, she didn't realize Davood used his telekinesis to lift the keys into the door. The door flings open and Davood uses her shock as cover, rushing to the sofa.

"SAFE!!!" Davood yells triumphantly as he transitions into a sleeping position. Yara tackles into him, her compitetive nature unable to accept defeat. They playfight like children till Davood pulls her close, wrapping his arms around her waist. He leans in and kisses the dimple on her cheek.

"All's fair in love and war Habeebi" Davood whispers into her ear while he raises his right arm, swiping his wrist. The door closes telekinetically and we hear a lock turn.

Yara wiggles out of his arms and states "Querida, you need to be more active. You've gained a little weight since we last had a mission together."

Davood responds with a whisper "You sound like my mom"

Yara retorts "well if you took better care of yourself" and slaps his chest for emphasis. Davood hold her hand and squeezes it lightly, whispering "I promise I'll start tomorrow". Yara rolls her eyes as she pushes him back onto the sofa. Davood lays back folding his arms behind his head and Yara's anger fades as she leans forward, touching his forward with her own. Davood tilts his head upward and kisses the scar across her nose where a sword kissed her previously. She tried to play it off as a sign of progress, that she can fight her own battles. Her teachers and her comrades both looked at her with pity and she felt like a fraud. But Davood was different around her and she started to see him as more than just the guy she talks to in the satellite cafeteria.

Their eyes lock and the silence creeps in as both stop laughing. The silence lingers as they take comfort in each other's company. Davood admits the closeness he felt with her scared him. He made a habit of keeping others at a distance but she had a habit of getting closer than he liked. He couldn't mislead her like the others and it took a weight off. Now the moments where she lays on his chest and all that he can hear is her breathing is what he misses the most when she leaves.

A cellphone ringtone pierces through the peaceful night. Davood moves hands through his backpockets, searching for his phone while not wanting to disturb Yara. She lifts her head and frowns as her hair is out of place. Yara reaches forward and Davood feels her nails scratch his rear as they yank his phone out.

"Got it" she states nonchalantly. The voice on the phone was rapid in their delivery. Yara couldn't keep up and confusion appeared on her brow. Davood listened as she tried to calm the speaker. He realized that the speaker wasn't talking in English, was a woman and they sounded familiar...

Davood snatches the phone from Yara and states " Assaslamualaikum Ammi". He raised a finger to Yara's lips as Davood's mother continues in Hindi. Yara snaps her jaw at Davood's finger and he flinches. She laughs and Davood's mother takes notices.

Davood's mother asks "Agla Hai Kyun?" in a worried tone.

Davood states "She's Yara. An old friend that ran into me after work. We were talking about a personal problem when you called". He stares downward while he spoke, an old habit from his childhood. That caused him to miss Yara's frown.

Yara decides meekness wasn't her strong suit and states loudly "Hi Mrs. Nassur, it's nice to meet you" interrupting Davood's rehearsed story. Before his mother could answer, Davood interjects "Yara is supremely talented but speaking Hindi isn't one of them."

Davood mother replies " Sorry Yara. I just wanted my son to practice his Hindi." Yara forces a smile but Davood cuts her off with "Ammi you need to practice your english too. I thought we made a promise and you aren't getting any younger.." Davood winks at Yara as her mother curses "Oy Kaminey, chup chup" repeatedly.

A laugh escapes Yara but Davood doesn't notice how hollow it was. His mom asks "Yara where are you from?" and Yara responds with "My family is from Brazil".

His mother continues with "Oh ok. Are there any muslims in Brazil?"

Yara says "Maybe?" in a confused tone.

Davood's mother tuts before stating "Oh Beta, your options are limited then. Yara please keep an eye out for my son. He's shameless but loyal and smart. He'll make the right girl happy one day."

Yara replies "Oh he will" with gritted teeth.

"thank you dear. He doesn't listened to me because I'm old." Davood's mother spoke like she was sharing a secret.

"Ammi. that's not true."

"I want grandkids beta. Before I'm too old to run after them."

"Ammi, I'll call you later. Yara needs my help now. You can tear apart my life choices another time." Davood hangs up the phone as his mother starts protesting.

"Ya allah, she can talk." Davood mutters as he slumps on the sofa arm. He peaks at Yara as his eyes start to close. Her face was different, the warmth she had earlier was replaced with something else. If Davood had to guess she was hurt, so he moves towards her hand. Yara stares back when his fingers touched hers. She raised her head and Davood could tell she was furious.

"What was that?" Yara spoke briskly.

"I'm sorry she interrupted us. I'll have to be careful at Jummah tomorow. She's been on this when you will get married nonsense for years now. I'll have to dodge aunties asking me for their daughters. It's not as fun as it sounds." Davood hoped his babbling would deflate the tension but Yara's glare remain unchanged.

I didn't like what i wrote but im seeing its value better.
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I think im sort of dimensional traveller lol
This is from well written now chapters of mine latest Xover fanfic im doing as work :

He was sitting on a chair next to her hospital room. He heard from behind the door how the man – Danny Herbert, talked to his daughter. Taylor Hebert, his handler now.

What did he feel about the situation he was in. The feelings only partially changed about that bitch, who he worked before. But after thinking things through, he now has a new chance at life.

Also, now someone needed his help, which is why he felt better. If this was his second chance, why not save this ****ed up world he is in now. After he got some information about this world from the television in the hospital, it didn’t look pretty.

“Why is it always me” He thought, when the AI alerted him to an incoming attack which allowed him to move a fraction of a second before it hit him in the heart.

“Not again, you bitch.”

Yeah based on two M rated works of fiction as its game/webserial xover


I think im sort of dimensional traveller lol
Well have all small taste of what I recently written and still I write as DMC/MCU xover that I called well The Guild :

So well i chosen slightly to get up, and well i left that bed myself and tried to go out from the room and been not prepared for self-opening itself doors too. But what i seen outside the room also make me surprised and dumbfound. As whole corridor from mine room been also looking futuristic without any glass window. In further from it i seen for sure some doctors or scientist there talking between themselves and also did those guards?? For me they looked like some more advanced robots or drones, clad in that chrome silver and black armours with that slightly small gold light in their chests. Some of them on their chrome silver faces had blue looking lights like eyes but I was for sure it was not true light colour just been some mask or interface they been using on them.
But even well slightly whole peace was practically for few minutes, as well slightly now unknown for her building shook up like well some slightly tremor or earthquake was to happen, to only for her to see how practically for some reason, those scientists or doctors she seen before pass her and her room in hurry like hiding from something and well those drones she seen now sprang to action as that blueish Hud mask on them was changed into their normal faces that been chrome silver with gold eyes, and even then they fast runned when also some male voice practically only once spoke:

“Unknown demon detected. All Sentries engage partially, Ultron commander.”
And that was for now all she seen and slightly also dumbfounded her since right now whole corridor been empty and she was practically here all alone.


And well not all people of this dimension knew that before once all demons been practically sealed by one demon here who rebelled against his kind and also here fallen in love with one of light gods living on this plane too. Even that on end their love was forbidden matter and for that later demon was taken back with his kind and been presumed dead, even that later his and that goddess son ended being also protector of people there to level that when most dangerous enemy that came from sky, Thanos did the snap and that make unseal the Demon World, he still stayed as member of last bastion of people who now can defend from demons Named The Guild that took control of what was left of USA since its administration and politicians was destroyed in that event that now scientists ended ruling with full awareness of Demons and Demon World as often there came time from time invasions.

And now practically the demon that showed up and slightly shake main building that been The Guild headquarters been the same demon who before saved humanity and who somehow broke out from Demon World too right now to only for him also being shock as back when he was still on the Earth most of advanced now technology like holographs, more advanced skyscraper buildings was not on his times. And about demon name that nearly people now forgot? His name was Sparda, and he was that Legendary Dark Knight people once revered on this world but later his existence was ending in fairy tales too.
But now well the Legend became again living legend and really confused as he spawned on entrance of The Guild headquarters and that make receptionist slightly panic as she did that security alert what did the panic what forced those poor scientists inside of it hide and activate most of those Ultron Sentries now as they started swarming technique to slightly isolate poor and confused now demon too from entering building.

And now that been funny sight to see well this demon, slightly-larger-than-human-sized, vaguely insectoid demon with clawed hands, a scaly hide, a pair of downward-facing ram horns, chiropteran wings with beetle-like wings underneath, hooves for feet, and reptilian spines protruding from his back. Parts of his body appeared to be made of greyscales with accents of red and purple. He also had gold veins on his hands and arms, chest, shoulders and back, a red diamond eye shaped gem in the center of his forehead, and skull-shaped gold knees and elbow guards with small horns. Also well looking onto more technologically advanced things that right now bared him from entering the building that looked alike something that for his thinking would magic more make but also more advanced technology too. As there least been eight or ten of those clad in that chrome silver and black armours with that slightly small gold light in their chests. Some of them on their chrome silver faces and now seen able gold eyes too but also partially one of their same in colour silver armoured arms were changed configuration to look like well some futuristic cannon. And most of them for now were blocking the way to entrance of building and observing the demon without words for now, since also aforementioned demon been not talking too to them.

And this could go practically for hours before slightly male voice called too :

“Dad, is that you?”

And also on the doorway above the Ultron Sentries blockade certain man showed up. If well Sparda not been in his demonic form, he would more take same appearance of newly showed man.

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be loyal to what matters
"Because my parents are missing and no one cares to get them back. I'm trapped here while they rot away. Grandfather acts like their dead, the family gave up and India didn't care in the first place. If India was better, mother would not have spoken up in the first place. If the real world won't provide the path forward then I will take to the hidden world- the realm beneath ours, the realm of myth and monsters to bring them back. Returning to Kashmir would be hollow without them- they fought so hard to make it better. They have to see whether they made a difference.

Kashmir is where my family came from. I grew up in the house of my great grandfather. It was small and modest but he built it and my grandfather and father added to it. America is fine but being here is empty without them- they wanted to leave so why did I have to be the one to go?

I don't know what the Regent is but I know who he is- he is my shot in the dark. I sought him out before all this happened- he was a rumor i was curious about. Was his reappearance in my life a sign of Allah? A chance to make right an old wrong? If they wanted to stay in America- they can but i need them back.

I'm on this path because this is what I need to be whole. "

Yusuf explain why he turns to magic in order to find his parents.
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be loyal to what matters
The opening paragraph of "Mavericks".

Wiping the blood off his knuckles felt good. Yusuf knew that fighting was a sin but fighting for others was a necessity. He repeated that over and over- menorizing his plea for Allah's forgiveness. It's time for Asr prayers and his thoughts turned to figuring out which way was East in a jail cell.

"Don't get too comfy haji. It aint over." shook him out of his thoughts.

Tall for his age, Yusuf opened his eyes and looked down at the agressor, sighing at Brad's remarks.

Outraged by Yusuf's smirk, Brad charged forward, his partner Mike failing to hold him back.

From outside the cell, Yusuf was calm as he rose and calm when he stopped Brad's attack, knocking away Brad's swinging fist with ease.

Yusuf wanted to respond- to tell these two wannabe thugs that Haji is a stupid slur but held his tongue. When has America ever cared about facts?

Brown hands appeared, pushing Yusuf and Brad apart. Deputy Johnson rested his hands on his belt, the portly man trying to appear authorative despite ketchup stains and a salty breath.

"Didnt you two have enough fighting?" Johnson remarked as he pulled Yusuf to the door.

"Ramirez, Chang, back inside. Mirza gets to see his social worker now.

Yusuf breathed easily as he left the cell.


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Growing up doesn't end when you become an adult, you can always be better than you were yesterday, wiser than you are today and learn from your own mistakes.

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be loyal to what matters
" our parents died for nothing, brother dear. Would you like to join them"

Roleswap Dante taunts Roleswap Vergil.
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