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Patty Lowell !

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Rebel Dynasty

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Dec 12, 2013
My first impression of Patty was that she was a bit of an obnoxious brat...

But, the fact that she could hold her own in a battle of wits with Dante made me like her pretty quickly, and when I realized there was more to her than just a demanding little girl, I couldn't help liking her.

With each interaction between her and Dante, I became more and more fond of her. And I agree, the last episode gets me every time, too. The way she goes to the underworld to save Dante, the way she's crying and begging him to wake up, her undying loyalty to him (even after seeing him impaled like that) when she says to Sid, "Dante would never die at the hands of someone like you!" I mean...man! I love her conviction in that statement! Love it!

Then she cries out for him while getting attacked, and bam! There he is, with that cocky grin on his face, and she's got those big eyes going.

Patty is definitely one of those characters that grows on you.
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Don't Let the Fall of America be Your Fall
Jan 29, 2012
Suda city on 51st ave. lol
i loved patty i think she is one of the best child characters that i know of
the fact Dante has the power to destroy Mundus
but can't beat a little girl at poker is hilarious IMO

I feel like it just made him as a bit of a joke. I mean look at Bayonetta. Cereza was a child but with her Bayo had a motherly relationship. With Dante and Patty it was like a bossy girlfriend.

Director Bison

King of Games
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Jun 20, 2014
I feel like it just made him as a bit of a joke. I mean look at Bayonetta. Cereza was a child but with her Bayo had a motherly relationship. With Dante and Patty it was like a bossy girlfriend.
well i guess it depends on how you want to look at it
i took it as even tho Dante is a badass and has killed countless demons
he's not very good at dealing with girls

as you can see with the Trish episode all the girls care about Dante as a friend but after being with him for a long enough time they find his living habits really unappealing

its not that the girls are bossy its that Dante is lazy

it shows even tho Dante has saved the world hes not perfect i think it makes Dante allot more human


That Guy Who Hates Fox McCloud
Feb 17, 2014
Sargasso Space Hideout
Listening to Patty and Dante's banter in the anime was one of the instances I actually laughed at anything in Devil May Cry...

Well---truth be told, I did find myself laughing the dialogue in the games, but that was for other reasons. >_>

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In all seriousness though, Patty was a fun addition. She brought out an irritable and more human side of Dante that the games sorely lacked. Funny how saving Trish and Lady didn't really stimulate a lot of emotion, but Patty's little anguished speech when trying to pull Dante down from the cross in the last episode was actually touching to some degree.
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Bad a$$ Gunslinger
Nov 21, 2006
a city
I thought Patty was adorable. She had some powerful magic, at the end.
She's in my story, Crystal Caves. Dante and Trish (Mostly Trish) jokingly call her the "cleaning fairy".
I kinda view it as Dante got a taste of parenthood, looking after her.

Hey I like Patty too. I think she is totally cute. I love the way she interacts with Dante. (Telling him he's no good at Poker) She maybe young but dang is she feisty. I actually have her in my fanfic. She's older but she is still the same Patty.
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Oct 16, 2007
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@Trish67: I think you missed that you'd already made that comment here before.

@WolfOD64: Please, don't do that. It's actually classed as spam. The right thing would have been to simply report the post.

Anyways, since the thread is old and could easily be replicated, I think I'll close this one.
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