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Netflix's Devil May Cry revealed


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Animated by Studio Mir (The Legend of Korra, Voltron: Legendary Defenders)


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The last anime didn't work for me and 4/5/reboot had good ideas but didn't grab me like 3 did so I'm hoping this really gets me excited about DMC again.


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Not a fan of Dante's design, the animation looks fine from the 3-ish seconds we got to see of it, it'll definitely need to hold up throughout as the teaser suggests they aren't going the Gungrave route.

Saying I am cautiously optimistic would be an understatement.


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Guess they will never go back to DMC1/2 kind of design for Dante
Is this taking place after DMC3?

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The last anime was focused on a case of the week structure with a new plot. I liked the idea and I'm hoping this take doing something similar.

It's probably an overarching plot and more serialized than the last one.

I rather get a new story but I don't mind adapting the games. Since it's probably a multi season show they could do both types. It's similar to how Guillermo Del Toro's Hellboy films were.
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Coincidentally Marvel rebooted their Ultimate Universe this year.

I guess 2023 is the year of second reboots.

I might've preffered the roleswap au where Vergil and Dante swapped roles. It's a clearer hook than what this show has currently. Right now it just has nostalgia for 3 going for it.

I wonder if they might answer who Nero's mom might be by the end of the show. Even with a reboot, it's unlikely Nero would pop up so exploring Vergil's relationship with his mom might be better.

Although it would be cool to see their take on 2's setting and characters.
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