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Nature of Nero's Devil Trigger


Starfleet Demon
OK, so Nero's Devil Trigger in DMC4 is not his own, but rather requires Yamato. It also appears as a blue doppelganger. So what if that DT is actually manifestation of a fragment of soul - either Sparda's, contained in Yamato, or else Vergil's? If Yamato contains a fragment of a soul, then Nero's Devil Bringer might have acted as a conduit which let Nero's own soul connect to soul fragment in Yamato.



Elite Hunter
It's basically the oldest theory, which has been going about for years now. At this point I'd say we can take it as a good one.

Dio Brando

Well-known Member
im a bit late but it just awoke his soul itself and it manifested as the blue thing that looks like vergils dt.
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