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My DMC1 Materials


I Saw the Devil
Alrighty. That's almost everything. I have a few documents but those are in word and come with pics and fonts of their own so posting the text just won't quite cover it.

Just to cover everything else I've archived, here's the links to everything I've ever posted on the topic. Been a busy few weeks.


DMC1 Dante>>>>>>2-4
The History of Ivory & Ebony
After the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda sealed the demons of the underworld into the abyss, he entered the realm of mortals.He fell in love with a beautiful woman, Eva and had two twin sons- Dante and Virgil .

Fearing that the world would someday fall under the shroud of darkness once again, Sparda began to prepare for a future battle in this world against the legions of the underworld. "and Ombra [sometimes spelled Umbra, is Latin for" Shadow "] with which to repel the demons and a fine sword to which he gave the name" Force Edge ".

Now name in the modern age, a new hunter of demons has arisen to protect humanity from the curse and corruption that is the underworld and its inhabitants.

Not in the history of the world, were there ever a finer set of weapons.Not ever.Dante had taken the Force Edge and Luce & Ombra from his Father many years ago.He needed to upgrade his father´s handguns to a level so high, that none could stand before them when they began to cast their judgment on the demons before them.It is this task, that Dante entrusted to his old friend and skilled craftsman, Tony Redgrave.After 2 years of work, the guns were at last, ready to purge the underworld of it's evil.

One blessed with the divinity of Heaven and the other cursed with the fires of Hell, the balance of these weapons was to be kept in harmony with the balance of good and evil.When one is fired, if the other is shot right after, there will be no pause for reloading-as the balance is kept that the wicked shall suffer the righteous judgment.

Tony then placed upon the handles two images emblazoned onto each: Ivory-with it´s Heavens breach shall bear the visage of Eva, Dante´s mother and the guiding light for righteous judgment and purity.Ebony-with it´s black chamber shall bear the visage of Beatrice, who quells the evil soul within it and allows it to work in tandem with Ivory.

Dante was so pleased with Tony´s work that he had a dedication engraved to him on each of the guns-" For Tony Redgrave-. 45 Art Works "

I find this interesting.


I Saw the Devil
I find this interesting.
I wish I had tangible evidence that this is real. This translation is very old, older than DMC3, I think. DMC1 went through so many story revisions it's hard to know from which this came from or even if it did, in fact, come from the official replicas. I wanted to buy them many years ago but the company that makes them very specifically does not ship to outside of Japan.
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