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More Forums?

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Now, I realise it's still early days and the forum is still in it's infancy but when the place gets a little more popular in the future. I was hoping to add a few extra forums here and there, most of which I was considering but didn't make the cut, one of which was going to be a fan-fiction area for users to share their own short stories based on the Devil May Cry series.

Anywho, your job is to suggest a few potential forum ideas that you would like to see implemented in the not-so-distant-future. They do not have to be Devil May Cry related at all, so perhaps if you fancied seeing a Hardware/Tech Discussion forum? Perhaps a Movies, Sports, Babes... Anything you think would make a good addition to the Devil May Cry Community Forums.

Looking forward to hearing some of your suggestions. :)


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what are everybody's hobbies personally i'm into card games... anybuddy laughs takes the first bullet...


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Maybe a Gfx Area for people with Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, C++, Visual Basic, Image Ready, or any other Gfx artist equipment.


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Hehehe, how about we have a bit of fun with a Role-play forum? Those are too uncommon.

Anybody that so much as snickers will get a kiss from Hawk-Eye! *Readies sniper rifle*

Anyway, for those that know how to RP, or those who want to learn, I request an RP forum that has to do with Devil May Cry.

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