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Let's talk about the Tokusatsu genre


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May 4, 2015
I see that. But at the same time I'm surprised that this is the show that brought Rider back. It's violent and talk heavy for a kids show. (It's more violent than typical Toku fair at that time I mean. Excluding any special movies at said time) I would think kids would be bored of the cop drama stuff and only focus when Kuuga appears.
It's the "Odagiri Effect". Achieve a periphery demographic by attracting swathes of female viewers by casting hot guys in the lead roles. ;)


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May 21, 2010
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More detailed look to new SS team and that mecha is sick really

But first, here's our first proper look at the team's main mecha, the King Ouja! As , this is composed of 10 Shugods. These Shugods are: God Kuwagata, God Tonbo, God Kamakiri, God Papillon, God Hachi, God Tentou (x2), God Kumo (x2), and God Ant. As for how this combination works, here's the breakdown:
  • Kuwaga Ohger's God Kuwagata forms the body and head
  • Tonbo Ohger's God Tonbo forms the wings and the sword blade
  • Kamakiri Ohger's God Kamakiri forms the right leg
  • Papillon Ohger's God Papillon forms the sword handle
  • Hachi Ohger's God Hachi forms the left leg
  • God Tentou (x2) forms the hands
  • God Kumo (x2) form the chest and waist
  • God Ant combines the sword blade and sword handle
The King-Ohgers are the five kings from a planet called Chikyuu, in which there are only five continents and five kingdoms, which they govern and protect their respective kingdoms. The team itself was founded at least 2,000 years ago, and the role is being passed down in every generation, and the Ouja Caliber, and they share a transforming shield weapon called Kings Weapon. Their enemies, the Earth Empire Bugnarock is also around the same time as well.

  • Kuwagata Ohger is the red king who is brimming with fighting spirit. He claims to be a king, but is he really one? His Kings Weapon configuration is shield.
  • Tonbo Ohger is the blue king who is smart, extremely competitive, and well liked by his own people. He has a strong spirit that never gives up. His Kings Weapon configuration is a gun.
  • Kamakiri Ohger is the yellow queen is a selfish, but is willing to put herself in harms way when it comes to saving lives. She fights with splendid agility. Her Kings Weapon configuration is a scythe.
  • Papillon Ohger is the purple king who is the calm one, and the one who tries to remain neutral. Even if that is the case, they don't tolerate or forgive evil. Their Kings Weapon configuration is a bow.
  • Hachi Ohger is the black king is always cheerful nice guy who will do whatever it takes to protect his peaceful world. He's unpredictable in fights and toys with his enemies. His Kings Weapon configuration is a claw.
Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger is set to premiere this March 5, 2023, replacing Avataro Sentai Donbrothers in TV-Asahi's Super Hero Time block.
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Dec 25, 2010
Whoa it has been a while since I've been on this section of the forums. So a couple of quick thoughts:

1. Don brothers: While the story was a little off at times, it did well in the character department. Well done.

2. My Kamen Rider Black blu-ray is coming in the mail. woot-woot!

3. Their is a fan dub of Japanese Spider-Man! How cool is that?!