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Kachow! (You wouldn’t get it)


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Hey. Hi. Hello. Howdy…
Or, as I like to sometimes shout out “OI!!!!”.

So I know I haven’t really been around that much lately. Though I do still poke my head in here from time to time. Still good to keep my eyeballs on the old place.

I just wanted to say first and foremost that it’s been a pleasure being here for the past 16 years now. Yes, honestly, you can’t get rid of me. I am sorry for it believe me. It’s good to still be a part of this wonderful community and I’m going to start being a bit more active moving forward.

Secondly I just wanted to fill everyone in on how I’ve been doing lately outside of the forums. You know, what’s been going on for me really in life and in general. I’m a manager where I work now so I’ve moved up in the world…well, somewhat. Pay is more. Responsibility is more. Those are the “positives”. Negatives mainly center on poor upper management, lack of staff and lack of support. Other than that everything is peachy!

Another huge change is I met someone who is beyond special to me. I honestly can’t even begin to explain to all of you how much she means to me. I started talking to her primarily over on Discord because we play the same game together and are in the same Alliance on there. She is the Leader and I’m the Co-Leader (she is from America) and her name is Wendy. So it’s a long distance relationship and it started back at the end of March this year and we talk every single day all day long whenever we’re not busy and even when we are busy lol She knows all about this place because I have told her about it and she’s looked around here and there and at all of my crazy things I’ve posted over the years being here. I have saved up to go and see her the end of January and we’re both very excited to see one another as this will be the first time we would have met one another in person. I love her to absolute bits. She means the world to me and makes me incredibly happy and I wanted to share this with all of you because you and this place has been a big part of my life and it matters a great deal to me. So that is what’s been happening for me.

Oh, and Kachow is an inside joke so none of you will get it…but that’s okay right I don’t have to explain it just keep you all guessing. Much more fun that way.


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So sweet ♥ Sending all the love for you and Wendy!

As a personal experience: What began as a long-distance online relationship is now on its 8th year of marriage, spiced with a sweet little daughter. So if anyone tries to undermine the strength of long-distance love, remember my words.

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Awww LoD good on you mate. I remember all the issues you had at work before. I guess at least now you can kick back at them having a bit more heavy shoes to fill.

You CAN NOT leave us hanging. Did Wendy abduct you? How did it go? Are you still in the States? Did she come back home with you after your visit? Tell us mooooooore.

I (semi) kid.
Happy to see you're still around.
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