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How To Use Drive & Judgment Cut & Round Trip/What To Do While Holding Triangle/Y

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Hey guys so I have a question
When you hold Triangle/Y for Drive or Judgment Cut/Round Trip, what do u guys also do while you're holding down the button? Because I believe just standing or walking around while charging for the attack move is not ideal right? You're allowed to perform other moves as well so I was curious what u guys did regarding this topic. I found a few solutions but wasn't sure which one was ideal or if there were any I had not considered.

Possible Solution 1: I realized that you can hold Triangle while performing other moves to be able to perform drive much more smoothly. An example would be if you use Agni and Rudra, and u performed the attack move Jet Stream (Lock On + Foward + Triangle), as you're performing the attack animation, you can hold the Triangle/Y button down and then Weapon switch back to the Rebellion and automatically release Triangle/Y to be able to perform drive instantly. (Idk if this is considered "buffering" since I'm not too familiar with that term.)

Also, this solution does not work with Vergil because during my playtesting with him, whenever I held down the Triangle/Y button for Judgment Cut and tried weapon switching back to the Yamato to try and instantly perform judgment cut, the charge was instantly lost. So I am unsure what I should be doing while holding down the Triangle/Y button for Judgment Cut or Round Trip. I guess one possible solution with this scenario would be to use the summoned swords since I have it on L1/LB rather than Square/X. But I'm sure if this is optimal, just backing away from enemies and shooting them with summoned swords while charging for Judgment Cut or Round Trip.

Possible Solution 2: You can also use the front part of your thumb (Not the back part of your thumb which has the nail) to press Circle/B while it's also holding down Triangle/Y to be able to perform moves like Prop and Trickster ground dash while charging for the Drive attack.

The issue I have with this doe is that I'm unsure if you can hold your charge for Judgment Cut and Round Trip while Tricking up or Tricking Down, I have no tested this yet.

Possible Solution 3: Another possible solution I could do would be to start incorporating the claw grip into my gameplay. Although it does fix the issues of what you can do while holding down the triangle/y button because you have another finger to freely press square/X or circle/B, my main issue with it is that it feels so drastic to do and I would only consider it to do if a lot of people were doing it.

Also although claw gripping might fix the issue for Dante, I don't think it changes the issue for Vergil since I don't know how any strategies on how to smoothly/instantly be able to use Drive, Judgment Cut, Round Trip.

Anyways if you have read everything, and understand the issue, and have great insight, I greatly appreciate it. I'm hoping that because the game is old, many people have found solutions regarding this topic already.

TLDR: Trying to find ways to instantly perform Drive, Judgment Cut & Round Trip because I'm assuming just standing or walking around while holding the Triangle/Y button is either weird or not optimal.


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What I usually do is do some teleport stuff. I think it adds some pretty neat flair to whatever combo you're doing. Up to you how you wanna mix the teleports, here I just did Up -> Down but you can do whatever you want.

As you can see, by the time you do 2 quick teleports, the charge should be done already. And if you have the hand coordination for it, you can spam Summoned Swords too while you do that.

Deleted member 41833

Nice to see you again Foxtrot94. Thank you for sharing this information with me, I didn't know that teleporting allowed you to keep the Yamato charging for its Judgment Cut attack, hopefully, the same can be said for the Force Edge's Round Trip attack. I only hope that by tomorrow when I test what you've shown me, that I will conclude on what I wish to do with Dante about his Drive Attacks. I appreciate you being here to tell me about the teleport.
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