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HI! I'm Helena

Hi, everyone!
I'm Helena, first time for me in a forum : )
DMC is my favourite game of all time and Dante is my idol...I'm A B S O L U T E L Y C R A Z Y A B O U T H I M to paraphrase him.
Thank you for accepting me in your community!


I Saw the Devil
Thank you for accepting me in your community!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?
First we have to review your application, check your credentials and do a few basic tests.

Question 1:
How many fan fictions have you written for this series? Out of all of those how many have you published?

Question 2:
On a scale of 1 to Quantum, how gay is the gayest piece of DMC fan art saved on your computer?

Question 3:
If a train leaves from Manchester headed for New Port and another from Glasgow to York 3 hours earlier, which will Dante take and what will he order in his pizza?

Please submit your answers in writing. If you are unable to have your paperwork notarized a public notary will be provided by you.
We will review your application and we thank you for choosing DMC.org for your Devil May Cry fan needs. We know there are other forums and we appreciate your interest in this one. Have a stylish day.

*All applications are non refundable except in the state of Massachusetts.
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Is not rat, is hamster
*hides application forms*

Hi! Welcome to the boards! @berto it's time for your nap. Please stop stealing paperwork from the office.


I Saw the Devil
it's time for your nap
You know, you try to be the responsible one and they treat you like a child. This is why we can't get the Racoon City Police Department to take us seriously and when that zombie apocalypse I keep warning them about finally hits I'm going to sit there, reminding them, who's the crackpot now?
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