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Guy Ritchie's King Arthur


the devil is not as black as he painted
the movie's reception was bad, i seriously don't get it..

wife and i enjoyed this so much, especially wife, i even thought of DmC the whole time.. i liked guy's movie so maybe i'm not being objective, but damn i'm positive i'm being objective.. feels like we haven't had this kind of movie for quite a long time, altho i dunno what kind of movie i'm referring to, but it just felt that way..

the movie's fault probably is the pacing, it did made kinda sleepy to wait for progression.. and no eye candy nor fan service for dudes there, come on now, i'm being honest


That Guy Who Hates Fox McCloud
We don't have movies like this very often, because every modern cinema jaunt in the fantasy genre---Snow White & The Huntsman, Conan 2010, John Carter, Eragon and THIS turd---end up being box office bombs, which of course convinces the boardroom geniuses and shareholders that: "Oh, it must be because audiences these days don't like fantasy movies anymore...it can't POSSIBLY be because of the QUALITY of the film." :shifty:

As for this movie, well...I've thrashed it enough in this thread. If you want some mindless fantasy, go in and (try to) have fun with it. If you're like me, and have some knowledge and passion for the subject matter, you're better off looking elsewhere.


the devil is not as black as he painted
If you want some mindless fantasy.

mindless yes, fantasy errrr kinda not..

this movie was more likely to attract and more likely to work on people who enjoyed guy's movies and mindless movies and middle age setting.. and knowing that guy makes mindless movies.

plus i think guy don't tackle fantasy theme well. it felt more like a whatchamacallit, uhh the smart term for it, like something that's just there as just being there for no obvious reason.. like mere background
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