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[Guide] DMC3SE (PC 2006 Port) Style Switcher Mod - Installation Guide [2023]


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Click HERE if you want the Style Switcher mod for the DMC HD Collection 2018 PC port.

Download and install everything. It is also required to restart your computer just to be sure.

  1. After downloading and installing all the requirements and updating the game, download the Style Switcher v3.1.6 + DMC3 Inputs Thing mod.
    OPTIONAL: Style Switcher v3.1.6 + XInput Plus - the Traditional Method for XInput devices.
  2. Extract the files into the DMC3SE game folder.
  3. Run "install.bat".
  4. A prompt will appear that allows you to choose between "0. dinput8.dll" or "1. dsound.dll". You can actually extract both if you want to use both Controller and KB.
    • Choose "dinput8.dll" if you're gonna play using "Inputs Thing".
    • Choose "dsound.dll" if you're gonna play using "XInput Plus".
  5. After choosing, the necessary files will be moved to different folders while the irrelevant ones will be moved to the "Restore" folder.
  6. Run the game.
NOTE: If you want to utilize the mod features of the game, read the "documentation.html" and customize the values inside "StyleSwitcher.ini". Style Switcher and Weapon Switcher are disabled by default if you want to play the game with Vanilla experience.

  1. Run "uninstall.bat" and every file and folder will be restored to the default state. The mod will be removed as well.
- Serpentiem for the Style Switcher (features Switch Styles/Weapons on the fly, Trainer-like feature, KB Button Config, too many to mention... just read the documentation)
- muhopenspores for the DMC3 Inputs Thing (features DMC4 Inertia, Controller Fix, Style Switch FX, etc.)
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