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[Guide] DMC HDC (PC 2018) DDMK Mod - Installation Guide [2023]


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Click HERE if you want the Style Switcher mod for the DMC3SE 2006 Ubisoft PC port.

Download and install everything. It is also required to restart your computer just to be sure.

  1. After downloading and installing all the requirements, download the DDMK mod.
  2. Open the archive and extract the contents of the "HDC" folder into the DMC HDC game folder.
  3. Download the old version of the DMC exe files. Extract and replace the exes in the game folder.
    • Due to the August 1, 2023 update, the exes were modified which prevents the mod from working. The solution for now is to downgrade to the previous version.
  4. Run either DMC1/2/3 once to create the cache files
  5. Press Ctrl + D to open the mod menu.
Optional: If you're looking for a casual-friendly Style Switcher for DMC3 HD unlike the latest versions, click HERE.

  1. Delete the following files to disable the mod:
    • dinput8.dll
    • Eva.dll (DMC1)
    • Lucia.dll (DMC2)
    • Mary.dll (DMC3)
- Serpentiem for the DDMK mod on Github.
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