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Favorite games of the year 2023


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What have been your favorite games to come out this year? Feel free to include DLC, new seasons, etc. as well.

For me, I overall like and am happy with Assassin’s Creed Mirage. The setting was beautiful, the soundtrack great, and the stealth very fun to play. Hopefully Ubisoft takes note of the sales and green-lights more traditional AC games.

I was also pleasantly surprised by Immortals of Aveum. Was the writing cringe? Yes but the story and lore itself was fun, the magic FPS combat was great, and art direction really cool. It’s a shame the game got memed and dismissed because I think there is a lot of promise here for a sequel.

Last game I will highlight for now is Disney Illusion Island. I’m still mad at Ubisoft for not giving us another Rayman game since Legends, but this game scratched that itch for me. I loved it the whole way through and will likely being playing it multiple times over the years.

I’ll probably post a top 10 once I have it figured out. What about you? What were favorites of the year?


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Xen-Omni 2020
Dead space remake, re4 remake, shadow warrior 3, star wars jedi survivor, starfield, alan wake 2, robocop, hi fi rush, dead island 2 and zelda tears of the kindgdom are my favourite games this year

Add in atomic heart too


Earthbound Immortal
There's a lot of stuff so I'll try to keep it down to a minimum.

Wo Long, Rain Code, Armored Core 6, Final Fantasy Pixel Remastered and Fate/Samurai Remnant were all really big hits with me.

Gasoline Tank

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I never played many games this year. So I don't know if I could choose one.

RE4, maybe. Although RE4 in general is not a game I overly praise like others always do. The original is still way better, but I see it as being more or less the game that started survival horror branching out into dumb storylines.


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Hogwarts Legacy

Played it almost non-stop and I'm not even that big of a Harry Potter fan. I've never read a single book but have seen all the movies. Originally planned to role a Dark Arts build but got distracted by Herbology... and yes, I chose Hufflepuff.


I Saw the Devil
Absolutely Bayonetta Origins. What a surprise game. It was part Bayo, part Okami mixed with Irish myth. What a surprisingly great ride.
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