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Drew Coombs on a chat celebrating DMC's 20th Annvrsy


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It's at 14:09:20 for anyone tuning in after it went to VOD.
R.I.P. headphone users.

Also, that hair.

Edit 2: The chat went funny with "Dante drinks coconut water confirmed". Certainly better than tomato juice.
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I Saw the Devil
According to the charity runners they’ll be uploading the footage to YouTube before long, for those who missed it.


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Oh good, he read the sample script he held up!

I went and transcribed it for no reason. Here it is anyway, lol:

Dante (Age 23)

The main character of this game. From an early age he's had extraordinary supernatural powers. He can lift a block of concrete with ease. He has healing powers which allow him to heal his wounds instantaneously, even bullet wounds. He has kept his supernatural powers a secret for fear of unwanted interests.
He has been working as an undercover cop and has been living a happy and peaceful life surrounded by his loving family. Until this incident occurred.

Dante has a real cool attitude. Even when he is in desperate trouble there is always some calmness in him which can be understood when he says jokes. He rarely becomes panicky. But that is not his real self. He is really a very sensitive person which [sic] a lot of emotions. He has a shy personality therefore he tries to hide is with his cool attitude.

He is a man with strong justice and is a fighter and a warrior.

When he is not serious his language is very rough. When he is talking seriously he has a very persuasive voice. "Dante" should be able to express himself in these two ways. When he says jokes it should be really cool not like a stand-up comedian telling jokes.

When I stop to think about it, the first thing in my life that I can remember is that time when I was left alone in the streets of the gettos [sic]. I was only four years old.... sitting on the ground scared, helpless, and desperate. Later I was taken and raised by the Redgraves who owned a small shop in downtown. The Redgraves had a daughter named Aisha. Although she was the same age as me, they raised and loved me no different than her. To me..... these were the happiest times of my life.

Wha? You mean to tell me that you are my real father? Oooh daddy! I've been looking forward to seeing you. But what I need right now isn't a daddy.... Right now, I need to find and save Trish! So save the lame family reunion speeches for someone who cares and just let me go!

You are not a god! You just sold your sole [sic] to the Devil, and look at you now. You're just old, weak, and used....

He read the first two parts of the sample script. He's still got it.

Edit 2: He read the last line!

Edit 3: I love how he's riffing on Dante having more than just one infamous line. LMAO at him reproducing the voice crack.

Edit 4: Reuben showed up at 15:01:09 on the VOD. The crossover fans were waiting to happen.

Edit 5: Hey, Dante's confirmed 18 or 19 in DMC3! Nothing we didn't already know, but it's good to hear.

Edit 6: The pachinko halls were run by the Yakuza? This is not helping the Konami conspiracies.
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