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Do you want to see a Days Gone 2?

Nail Polish Remover

Well-known Member
I had a lot of fun (and increasing frustration) with the first game. But it was glorious. I was definitely impressed with the story and the gameplay, while pretty difficult, wasn't dull.

Sadly, I don't think Bend Studio can do a sequel since the director left. Sony also acted like it flopped, when it didn't. It just had a lot of glitches when it was released in 2019.


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Days Gone wasn't my favorite game in the world. A lot of little annoyances built up over time. However I think that a sequel could have ironed out said annoyances and built upon the foundation of the first game.
Sony probably won't llet it happen, but I would play a Days Gone 2.

Dark Drakan

Well-known Member
Havent played the game myself but its on my Steam Wishlist and will likely get around to it at some point, from what I have heard from fans there is enough demand for a sequel but the logistics for that to happen are complicated.

The game sold well (when compared to some other titles) and was profitable but their sales expectations were unreasonable so it failed to hit those targets. The development was long and the overall critical reception was mixed so Sony pulled out of a sequel.

Nail Polish Remover

Well-known Member
I don't blame the director for feeling upset. The game wasn't "woke" at all. I genuinely enjoyed it from start to finish. The story was gripping, and the graphics were without words, really.

Sure, there was glitches that ruined the enjoyment early on. Hopefully they have successfully patched most of these since.

Unfortunately, we may only see it live on as a movie.

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