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DMC1 Let's Play


Legendary Devil Hunter
Well guys I've been wanting to do this for awhile. I'm getting back into gaming vids. Right now? DMC vids. I'm abandoning my DMC4 and DmC Let's Plays (Probably gonna delete them) and I'm (Currently planning) do play through the entire DMC series.

Here's the first vid. Don't hold any criticisms back, either the video or my playstyle.



I Saw the Devil
I'll watch it tonight. I've been translating the last few days and it's not as simple as transfering things word for word. I hate translations like that, unless it's a legal document or something that requires precise wording like that. I prefer cultural translations.


Legendary Devil Hunter
Happy to say I finished the playthrough. First game I ever actually finished on Youtube. I've actually been pre-recording these vids, I'm around half-way through DMC3, and will upload the first part of DMC2 tomorrow.
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