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DMC in DMD Video Walkthrough


Sir Fretalot
he is superhuman. you know that bit where mundus sucks up the orbs then turns them into light which does loads of damage? i never knew you could bounce it back.


Fearfully and wonderfully made
Nice finds, Devil Kid and Tony. I'm sure those Devil May Cry video walkthroughs will prove very useful to a lot of people. +rep to the both of you. ;)

Devil Kid

1980's Dante
thanks devilmaycry,and if some of you dont know the lag cancel yet.Im happy to find a vid of it.Lag Cancel is basicly beeing able to attack with the sword multiple times without having dante pause.


TimeLord Detective
As many of our members seem to have questions regarding Devil May Cry 1, I decided (after some talk with Nowshin and thanks for that;) ) that in order to help those members AND minimize the number of threads like "Help on Mission Whatever" that this thread needs to be sticked.

Any new post with questions about DMC1 will be deleted immediately and the member would be directed here. I plan to do similar threads like that for the other 2 games as soon as I find time. ;)


Zombie Killing Pro
Awe's!!!!!!! I love doing Playthroughs But this Guy Did such A wonderful Job, There would be no point in me making some. Sadness :(


The inFAAMous
Ah, yes. Joch1. Learned a LOT from his videos. Most useful being the secret to keeping Nightmares cores blue to allow for maximum damage.

Poor lad suffers from insomnia, too.

Sparda's rejected son

For Edenoi!
Supporter 2014
Does anyone know how he is doing those one two slashes against Nelo? I tried to do the same thing and ether A. I end up doing Million Stab or B. delay to long allowing Nelo to hit me.
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