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DmC Anime


"Plough the lilies"
After all the crap Ninja theory have said about Anime art style, and anime not being functional, and not having "meaning" - anyone watching DmC anime should think again.

DMC was requested to be westernized by Capcom because of Keji Inafune saying japanese game market is dead. And then they did a experiment where i think Keji Inafune said "Let's think of a DMC in a contemporary way".

The whole point of DmC is to appeal to western gamers and giving the finger to anime art style of DMC.

I got to disagree with inafune saying that the japanese game market is dead(Words of a true otaku)

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
^ i kind of agree since the problems he thinks suffer are things affecting the west as well.

Halo did have a anime so I'm not against it. It all depends on what they do with it.

I dont want to see a repeat of what went wrong with this anime.


"Plough the lilies"
So i guess what inafune is trying to say that the japanese game market is dead in the west?
idc anyway.
Japanese games or korean games are the top games here in asia because of the MMOs,visual novels and others.

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
in general, I think both parts of the industry are suffering from the same problems such as trying to attract a overseas audience.


Let's rock!
Not a bad idea but let just see how popular is the game, I mean they were launching the traliers and the fans have already cursing Capcom


Don't Let the Fall of America be Your Fall
This thread is pretty old.

Anyway, I'd say no to an anime adaption of DmC cause it's not all that anime.


I Saw the Devil
DmC is made for western audiences, an Anime would go exactly in the opposite direction of what they are going for.

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
I think its a wait and see but the main question is whether DmC can be a good story in other mediums as well.


Smile it confuses people
Since Devil May Cry has been rebooted in the form of DmC, do you think a anime based in the DmC universe will come out? If made, do you think it be made by Madhouse? Please leave your opinion for this.

I'm not sure. I would definately welcome it if it did, but...I don't know if it would really happen.

A DmC anime would be cool though. ^_^
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