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DMC 3 Boss FAQ


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I suppose it should really be called a Boss Guide, since there aren't really any questions asked unless you, the readers, do so

Hell Vanguard - The first 'boss' of the game. Seemingly modeled after the Grim Reaper, this demon can teleport like the Sloth except it is better at it. They are weak against The Beowulf gaunlets. After the 2nd mission, they become common enemies. Hell Vanguard has few attacks, but all of them have quite a range. In the harder difficulties, he will manifest himself at random places, often from afar and come at you with a spinning attack and sometimes he comes from below you. Air Hike/Trick Up to avoid the former and roll/Trick to avoid the latter

Gigapede - A large insect based demon. It uses lightning based attacks in the form of energy spheres. It's a lot easier to attack it while on its back, but be warned, it will try to shake you off by spinning vertically.

Gigapede usually fires off purple lightning spheres. If you time your attacks right, you can knock them right back at Gigapede for bonus damage and points

Cerberus - Named after the three headed dog of Greek mythology. Cerberus almost entirely encases itself in ice to shield itself. It uses ice based attacks and its paws to attack. It is weak against Agni and Rudra, schimtars of fire and wind. Defeating it will yield the Cerberus three sectioned staff Devil Arm

When engaging Cerberus, use the Shotgun to instantly blast away its icy shell, exposing its body. Though attacking its forepaws is safer, attacking the head is more effecient. It fires off an ice blast when you're at a certain range. The beam freezes a large portion of the battlefield, which will, in turn, in case you in ice if you're not careful and at close range, swipes at you. When the battle nears its conclusion, Cerberus will use its power to recreate its ice shield protecting it from Devil Arms. As Vergil, keeping firing away with Summoned Swords to hack away the shield before moving in for he kill

Agni and Rudra - Named after the Hindu deities. These comical brother demons attack as a team. Agni is the red skinned demon wielding the power of fire, wielding the red schimtar and Rudra is the blue skinned demon wielding the power of wind and the blue schimtar. They can be tricked into attacking each other. Defeating them yields the demon swords themselves.

Agni and Rudra can suffer from friendly fire, so the Trickster style is needed for that. Both brothers are good at blocking attacks so either jump behind them or wait for them to go on the offensive again. When one of the brothers is defeated, the surviving demon will take his brother's discarded sword, increasing the demon's power

Heart of Leviathan - A demonic heart that defends itself actively. Its right artery steals Red Orbs and the other steals Devil Trigger energy. It is weak against the Beowulf gaunlets

Leviathan's Heart is also guarded by Hell Envy. Even if you defeat them, the Red Orbs they leave behind will be absorbed by the right artery, and it doesn't help that the other is constantly taking away your Devil energy, but that can be taken care of, considering you take the liberty of attacking those defenseless arteries. When one of them fails, the heart's armor will break away momentarily, allowing you to attack. The Heart itself will attack you directly using one of two methods. One of them is a red laser beam that swipes the floor, but will use two when its health is low. The other attack fires slow moving blue lights that can cause quite some damage. Use the Hell Envy as shields against this attack

Nevan - A succubus demon who wields the power of lightning and bats embued with that power. She is weak against the Beowulf gaunlets. Defeating her will yield the Nevan eletric guitar/scythe hybrid Devil Arm

Nevan is completely nude which may distract male players. She defends herself with her bats. The shield can be taken care of though if you hit enough. Once they disappear, she'll be stunned for a bit. Just watch out for her lightning attacks and beware when she intentionally drops her guard to um.....well, just be sure you have some Devil Energy ready. If she grabs you, DT immediately before she drains your energy.

Beowulf - Named after the old legend. Beowulf is a wolf-faced demon who possesses the rare power of light. He is very vengeful of the Sparda bloodline and attacks aggresively using melee attacks. He is weak against the Yamato Devil Arm, being a demon of light.

Beowulf's weak spot is his head of course, and you need to focus there. Easier said than done. Whenever he decides to stomp the yard, brace yourself. He'll attempt to make target practice out of you by tossing towers at you. Hitting Beowulf's eye will temporarily blind him and begin to swing wildly in the air. Don't be fooled if you think he's harmless at long range. Beowulf will shoot his feathers of light at you, which happen to be pretty accurate and fast.

Geryon - Named after the horse. Geryon was once a noble horse until it digested too much demon essence and transformed. This riderless steed will try to trample you and fires spears and explosives from its wagon. It also has the ability to control time and space on a limited scale and can teleport. Defeating it yields the time-warping Quicksilver style

Despite his speed, Geryon does make pit stops every now and then. When he does, wail on him till he falls. When he decides he's had enough, he'll warp time and space to escape. When he starts running around, be on the lookout for floating orbs. Should you somehow touch them by accident, you'll be caught in a time rift, drastically slowing you down while Geryon moves at normal speed. You'll probably have somewhat of a blast with Geryon if you use the Quicksilver style to matchmake. In the event of this, you can use your own time rift to cancel his when you get hit by his warp and vice versa. As Vergil, you can hit either him or his carridge with the Summoned Swords.

Doppelganger - A demon entirely composed of shadow. It takes on a demonic version of its opponents' appearance. It cannot be attacked unless it can be exposed to streams of light where it loses its Devil Trigger-like form. It possesses the same movset as Dante's Rebellion and Beowulf. It is most vulnerable against the Beowulf gaunlets. Defeating it yields the Doppelganger style, the ability to animate your shadow.

When Doppelganger is in its invincible DT state, all attacks pass right through him. Attack the shutters around the room when Doppelganger is near one. The intense light they shoot forth temporarily banishes his DT, making him vulnerable, especially against Beowulf. If you open all shutters, DG will be vulnerable a bit longer. After some time has passed. he'll have had enough and shuts out all light by releasing a burst of darkness. DG will also attempt to shoot Zodiac-style projectiles if you're standing in front of an open shutter to close it. If you time your attack right, you can bounce it right back. In the harder difficulties, he'll send it right back, leading to a Zelda-esque standoff until someone takes the hit

Arkham - After taking hold of Sparda's power, he transformed himself into a hideous demon unlike that of Sparda. He one of the toughest bosses ever and uses spear like projectiles to inflict serious damage and swipes blindly at close range. He summons a legion of smaller demons that attack by lunging themselves at opponents before exploding.

Halfway through the battle, Vergil/Vante will lend a hand and assist you in battle. In this circumstance, you can no longer Devil Trigger and both you and your brother will operate like the Doppelganger style. If you have a friend and a 2nd controller, have him/her press Start for them to take over Vergil/Vante. Arkham will take refuge below the slimy ground where he summons lizard -like creatures to attack you until he appears. Use Kalina Ann as Dante to wipe out the legions or use Vergil's Rapid Slash

Lady - Arkham's headstrong daughter. Though she, too, still wants to kill him, you happen to be in the way and turns on you. Since she is only human, she won't be able to stand up to Devil Arms like any other boss and relies on her Rocket Launcher and handguns and grenades to keep you at bay. Defeating her yields her keepsake weapon, Kalina Ann, named after her mother, the last firearm being a rocket launcher.

Lady holds the distinction of being the only human boss in the entire series. Therefore, she can be easily injured. She'll try to focus on maintaining distance to avoid your Devil Arms, so catch up with her using DT. Quicksilver best works against her evasive nature

Jester - Appears only in Special Edition. He is Arkham's 'Devil Trigger' alter ego. His moves are like those of a circus ringmaster and cast many spells to overwhelm the enemy as well as using a sphere with a two sided face

Jester is a Special Edition-exclusive boss. He can be fought three times. The first time is mandatory but becomes a side boss afterwards and it really isn't worth fighting him since he yields nothing special. When Jester stops attacking, he'll teleport to avoid your attacks, so use your firearms to do damage until he tires in which he'll be defenseless. In the second and third battles, he uses a human-faced sphere which he rides to either smash you or to use a decoy.


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Vergil/Vante - Dante's twin brother and the boss of recurring status. As in DMC, he appears three times to take what belongs to you in his conquest of power. As Vante, his entire clothing has many shades of red. In DMD/VMD mode, he uses a lethal technique called Spiral Swords, which he uses to defend himself. If the swords are not destroyed within a set time period, he'll command the swords to skewer you immediately. Players of the first game should find relief since he doesn't summon as many as he usually did

1st time: Vergil wields his momento, Yamato, a Devil Arm katana wielding the power of darkness. He hates long range combat and deflects projectiles by twirling his sword. As in the first game, he teleports next to you to deal serious damage. Defeating him will unlock the Devil Trigger power for Dante

Don't attempt to attack Vergil/Vante head on. Either he'll evade your attack by teleporting or deflect it and temporarily stun you in the process. In DMD/VMD mode, watch for when he surrounds himself in a purple sphere. This is his signal of him preparing his Spiral Swords. Don't bother interuppting it, the temporary shield defends him absolutely. However, as Dante, you can use Kalina Ann to destroy the swords before he does something cool with them. As Vergil, summon forth your own Spiral Swords + Summoned Swords lv.3 and have them surround your enemy so that your blades will destroy his all at once

2nd time: Vergil has slain Beowulf and has taken his gaunlets as a prize. With them, he attacks with martial arts moves. When 25% of his health is gone, he'll Devil Trigger himself, becoming even more dangerous and when 75% is taken, he'll start using Yamato again. The battle tatics he employs are the same as the 1st time around. Defeating him yields the stolen Beowulf gaunlets.

This time around, Vergil will show off his own Devil Trigger. He'll signal it the first time as a large swirling purple sphere shields him while he powers up. Try to avoid him when he does DT, but if you're feeling real confident, then go DT on his *** yourself. Three powerful attacks in DT is enough to knock him out of Devil form. In the case of Style, use Trickster, because Vergil's Air Trick is even more advanced now that he can appear virtually anywhere. And one more point of advice: Vergil's DT makes enhances him thrice more than Dante's

3rd time: The final battle of the game. Vergil has obtained Force Edge and uses it in conjunction with Yamato. He is much tougher this time around and Devil Triggers much more often. When 75% of his health is depleted, he'll go into a Desperate Devil Trigger mode similar to Dante's in DMC2 where he is most lethal. Also, he'll occasionally teleport offscreen and unleash a barrage of Judgement Cuts to annihilate you. Defeating him will end the game and depending on the difficulty mode, will yield a new hidden prize

This time around, Vergil won't fool around. With Force Edge in possession, he'll Devil Trigger more often so. Be careful when he does Round Trip. If you haven't played as V yet, watch for when he steps back in a pose with FE in hand. You can either stop him before he throws his sword by hitting him or disrupt its trajectory completely with Spiral or Kalina Ann. Vergil's Round Trip is more powerful than Vante's since it ends up knocking away the incoming attack and hits him at the same time. When Vergil's just had it with you, he'll surround himself with that familiar swirling purple sphere and DT. But this time around, he's taking it a step further because now his body will be brimming with immense demonic energy. You can tell by the erratic large lightning effects surrounding his body. In the original, his body would emnate a dark purple smoky aura. In this state, he'll go ballistic, often smashing you with Helm Breakers. Sometimes he'll disappear and attack you with a swarm of Judgement Cuts, which sometimes home in on you, which is a less effiecent method


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**** man, thats really nice
i'm stucked into 8 mission u.u
i'm sure it'll help alot =D


that zzzombiekid
I am stuck on mission 20. On Very hard. And he is only killing me and making me feel hopeless...
Well, anyway, a stratergy would be good. The video walkthrough on this one is almost impossible to do. And Ryalguard doesnt actually work well with me on that stage. And, I hardly use that style. Anyone have another stratergy?


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I'll try to find a strategy with Trickster and post it in the Walkthrough for you;)

EDIT: Done with a Quicksilver bonus(it has good strategy to destroy those annoying Phandom Swords)


Superb lowdown and tactic suggestions there, thanks very much! By the way, I’d like to share a picture with you of a tshirt I have. It depicts the ancient Mesopotamian demon of wind which people also invoked for protection against a female demon that harmed pregnant women and children:


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I made some videos with tips for Hell Vanguard, Cerberus, Gigapede, and Agni and Rudra (I was going to do all of them eventually but I havent yet). Want me to post them up? They were more for average players who were stuck than experts though,


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Nevan - A succubus demon who wields the power of lightning and bats embued with that power. She is weak against the BEOWULF GAUNTLETS. Defeating her will yield the Nevan eletric guitar/scythe hybrid Devil Arm

hey man i have no beowulf gauntlets , so does it mean that i cannot beat her if i dont have these gauntlets?

my items is rebellion , cerberus and agni & rudra

ebony & ivory , shotgun and spiral?


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judeballedos;82127 said:
Nevan - A succubus demon who wields the power of lightning and bats embued with that power. She is weak against the BEOWULF GAUNTLETS. Defeating her will yield the Nevan eletric guitar/scythe hybrid Devil Arm

hey man i have no beowulf gauntlets , so does it mean that i cannot beat her if i dont have these gauntlets?

my items is rebellion , cerberus and agni & rudra

ebony & ivory , shotgun and spiral?

He spoke of the ultimate difficulty "Dante Must Die" mode, where you have all the weapons. That's why I suggested you just keep trying and getting used to her attack patterns. If it all goes well you can beat her without sustaining any damage at all.


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judeballedos;83240 said:
you know what i think?

i think you just copy paste this thread in the devil may cry 3 bosses forum

am i right?

I don't have a clue.The one who posted them know:lol:


Arkham boss was the easiest for me lulz i just took my nevan guitar,rebellion and ebony&ivory then that guy got his ass kicked
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