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Devil May Cry Anime - Tips For Posting + SpamBots

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Why it is a Waste of Time to Respond to a SpamBot

As many members may have realized by now, the Anime Section of Devil May Cry Dot Org has become a very popular place for the SpamBot population to begin populating (too many pops for my liking).

On an almost quarter-day basis this section becomes inundated by junk that can simply not be avoided. But, regularly our efficient Spam Filters allow some Bots to sneak through and actually start a thread. Often these seem harmless enough; and the popula*ahem* ...the one that is most enjoyed by Spam Bots currently is the grating "devilmaycry.org how it works?". Posts often include a short sentence asking a random question, or for information about the site or the members themselves.

Responding to these threads is only a waste of time. The threads will eventually be deleted and thus removing any posts you made in those threads permanently - thus lowering your own post count. So anyone looking to jump ranks by replying to Bots -- you're outta luck!

Another common type of thread that escapes the filters are general gibberish, topics and text that is little more than "whejrkqbqrqr ejwhrwjurwyerw", again, a clear spam bot and no need to waste your own time responding.

Finally we have the Ads. Bots sometimes manage to get through and advertise some random junk that makes your genitalia explode, sing or perform stand-up comedy. Again, this is a waste of time replying to and on the rare occasion that the Bot has managed to post a Hyperlink, it is INCREDIBLY risky clicking it.

So, for your own sake and to make the staff's (and more importantly my :p) job easier, leave the bots alone. Report them then wash your hands of them.

All help towards the running of the forum is welcome, we encourage members to contact staff members when something has gone awry, but these bots are pretty relentless and responding to them will not yield you a reply only a short lecture from me about how trivial it is. A genuine new member may have gotten lost on their way to the Intro's section, but that’s what staff are for, we can find out if they are a bot (beyond the obvious) or not and point them in the right direction.

So, Report = Good
Telling an obvious SpamBot That They've Posted in the Wrong Section = Pointless.

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