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Devil May Cry 4 Video Walkthrough


TimeLord Detective
Feb 6, 2007
Demonic Realm
Thanks to for showing that there really IS an awesome DMC4 player out there, and soon enough.;)

About Mission 09 you'll have to excuse me or rather 269509085 as he hasn't uploaded the corresponding videos, yet. The same with the Dante missions. But don't worry, I'll be checking to see whether he'll upload them or not, and if he will you'll have them here as well;)

As a bonus, though, he did videos of Secret Missions as well. Enjoy:D

Also here's a


Jul 14, 2008
Ames, IA
Are all those vids in DMD mode? If so that would be great, coz i seriously need help with DMD. I got A and S with SoS (usually no items), now I just tried DMD - man I feel like i am a big retard. :(

I am kinda new to the series - just played DMC3 SE easy and normal on Dante, and still on easy with Vergil. DMC 4 is my first DMC game - haven't tried the first one yet as the control is too different than 3 and 4.

Anyone can give me some hint on how to survive DMD and later, the HoH? Thanks! (my DMC 4 is PS3 version) Thanks!!
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