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Devil May Cry 3 Plot


TimeLord Detective
Like with the Devil May Cry Plot thread, I've made this one to explain the events and storyline of the 3rd game. Yet again this has credits to Mobfigurz as well. And as before I need to warn you that the story contains spoilers, so don't read if you're going to buy the game.

First of all this game starts a bit after the Devil May Cry Manga. In there our hero, Dante is about 20 years old and has just started his career in taking jobs like devil hunting. He takes job offerings by Enzo Fearinoh, the guy we first saw in the Devil May Cry Manual. He has \just made his own building, but hasn't decided what kind of shop will be or what kind of name it will have. He as always has a red coat, uses his twin handguns Ebony & Ivory and the great sword Rebellion we first saw at Devil May Cry 2.


On the other hand we see another young man, with looks very similar to Dante. He's been searching for something. Ancient legends, and difficult texts lead him from library to library. Until he's visited by a strange tall man dressed in black. The two of them decide to join forces for a common goal we don't know and leave for a mysterious place. The man in black, leaves the young man to draw off some demons, while he goes in a mission to recover an object critical to their plan.


After these prologues the game starts. No matter which character you chose to play with.

We see Dante, shirtless, bored and rather funny. He just went out of a shower, answered a phone call, saying that the shop hasn't opened yet and eats pizza. Showing us that's pretty much what he is doing most of the day.
A man visits him, the same man dressed in black we saw earlier. He apparently knows Dante, and gives him an invitation from his brother Vergil. The man quickly disappears and Dante is alone...or not. Suddenly demons smash his entire body with scythes. Dante takes care of all of them, destroying his building almost completely. Then takes his coat and decides to accept Vergil's invitation.


In the next mission, Dante goes of and battles more devils, while his shop has been completely wiped out. Before the battle ends a huge tower rises from the earth making almost every building/car/and generally anything near to turn upside down, or just transform to debris.
Dante watches this knowing that his brother is probably behind this, and one of the demons manages to escape. Dante laughs as he walks towards the tower to meet his brother.


We see Vergil and Arkham meet on top of the tower. Arkham being the man in black. Arkham confirmed that Dante has the amulet that their mother gave them when they were children. Vergil takes a look at his, it's identical, only gold in color. After a while the devil that escaped from Dante starts going after Vergil, Vergil mercilessly slaughters it without blinking. And along with Arkham they go elsewhere.


We see the figure of a girl on a motorcycle. She's staring at the tower, confirming something for herself and then leaves killing some demons that blocked her way.
From that point on, Dante is in the remains of that road, heading for the tower.
After a while he fights some demons inside and outside of certain buildings he enters to have a shortcut to the tower. Along the way he also manages to get the Shotgun. He finally arrives in the tower. It's a freezing chamber. Inside there is an ice-guardian. A huge dog with three heads, named Cerberus claiming to kill Dante for he is not worthy of entering. Dante taunts the dog and beats it easily. Cerberus acknowledges Dante's power and turns to a weapon to help him finish his quest.

Before Dante can walk two steps a glass ceiling breaks and the girl with the motorcycle from earlier makes her appearance. Dante jokes with her, but she launches a rocket launcher at him. Dante avoids it and she lefts looking all angry. Dante starts to like all this more and more and he goes inside, even more thrilled and excited than before.


On the next stage we see Vergil and Arkham talking. Apparently Vergil realized the girl's entrance and isn't happy to know that. He tells Arkham to do something about it and Arkham faithfully obeys and leaves Vergil.
Dante climbs the tower looking for ways to advance even higher. After a while he fights a tough demon, named the Gigapede which dies easily. After the battle he gets trapped inside a room. Kicks and punches don't work with this door, so Dante is about to use firearm but then a mysterious character appears. He names himself Jester, and admits knowing some things about the tower. After almost breaking Dante's nerves with his no-ending talk and movements he actually tells him the way to open the door and leaves while Dante keeps shooting at him, saying thanks.


After Dante is finally outside the room, Jester fills the room with some new enemies, the Bloodgoyles that seem to take no damage from swords. Instead, sword and close combat moves multiply them. So Dante uses his firearm and ends this easily. With a bit of wandering, Dante arrives at the next point. He stands before a huge door but before he could enter, some weird guys appear and name themselves the guardians of this place. Dante beats them easily and that reveals that they were actually living swords. They beg Dante to take them with him, as he is the only one who has the power to control them, and he agrees after a bargain.


After that, I'll continue in another post as I exceeded the words limit;)


TimeLord Detective
The next mission begins with the girl annihilating some demons with her outstanding agility and magnificent skill(and amount of) in firearms. She leaves the place after no demon is at that place.
After that Dante, ends up in a trial chamber. Apparently he has to do 3 little things to pass on to the next stage. The 1st is a riddle of the mind. The second a test of body skill. And the third a test of all abilities in combat. He successfully pass all of them and gains access to the next stage, along with a new weapon named Artemis.
Then we see Arkham going up against the girl. Apparently she's named Mary and she's Arkham's only child. Arkham was once human, but sacrificed his wife to become a devil, so Mary is after him. Mary's skills seem nothing against Arkham's fast movements and Mary gets thrown from the tower.


Dante walks a bit and after a few steps he catches Mary who was falling. Mary demands that he let's her go. He attempts to joke with her but she immediately shoots him and he lets go of her. She stops the fall with her grenade launcher which had a blade at its end while Dante leaves.
After lots of demon fights(really it was a bit too much:p ) Dante manages to reach the top of the tower. It's night, the full moon shines and rain falls with great force.
Vergil awaits Dante at the top and the two brothers finally meet. Dante seems to has lost a bit of his cool after seeing Vergil, but still talks mockingly us usual. This doesn't seem to have any effect of Vergil, who actually talks back with a serious face. After a little talk the fight begins. Quickly Vergil gains the advantage and stabs Dante while stealing the amulet as well. Before Dante has a chance to stand, Vergil nails him with Rebellion and leaves with Arkham.
Suddenly Rebellion transforms, gets thrown away and Dante has managed to get close enough to Vergil to hit him, but Vergil has blocked with his sword. Vergil is quite pleased that Dante gave in to his demon side and is ready for a rematch while Dante barely stands. Arkham persuades Vergil to leave and they both jump off the tower. Dante transforms into a devil and collapses.


Dante wakes up feeling a bit humiliated, but quickly cheers up seeing that even in human form he is stronger and probably capable of more feats as well. He too jumps off the tower but before he can reach the end, he gets eaten by Leviathan. A huge devil that was flying around the tower.
So the next mission is all inside that being's body.Dante survives dangerous liquids, weird demons and even some Gigapedes that lurked inside Leviathan's body and manages to destroy its heart, thus killing it and making it fall.
Meanwhile Vergil and Arkham proceed towards their next object.


After that Leviathan lands, with an earthquake as a result, before Mary. Mary is on the lookout for any demon that might appear but suddenly Leviathan's eye gets cut and Dante appears, though a bit bloody. They talk a bit, arguing mostly but end up fighting together against some demons. Dante asks for her name, but instead calls her Lady. Then he leaves her to battle alone and continues on to catch up with Vergil.
Dante goes forth and ends up near a waterfall. In there you also get the Sniping Rifle. Dante enters in a tunnel
behind the waterfall, battles a few demons and walks straight in a weird theater like stage.
A strange vampire-like demoness appears and starts flirting with Dante, but after a bit he changes the point and they start fighting. She makes a last attempt to use her charm to make him lose his guard but that fails and she decides to help him. She turns then into a guitar of lighting abilities that allow him to summon bats and the ability to fly while in Devil Trigger.
While Dante did all that, Lady managed to defeat the demons she started fighting with Dante.


Vergil and Arkham finally reach their next objective, the lair of judgment. Vergil interrogates Arkham about Lady and why he didn't kill her. He reaches the conclusion that Arkham still has pesky feelings and stabs him to death. Then enters the lair alone.
Dante uses some sort of mechanisms to connect a bridge with his actual destination and proceeds. Before he could take a step, Arkham's body lays before him. Even though he's not in front of the lair of judgment. Lady suddenly shoots him and a little battle starts between them, while Lady regrets not being the one to kill him and tells her story to Dante. Dante takes it as a joke and leaves.


When the next mission starts Lady cries while Arkham awakes. Lady immediately pulls a gun to shoot him but he manages to convince her that all his previous actions were all Vergil's doing. After that he dies again, and Lady vows to kill Vergil to avenge her family and also prevent him from unlocking the gate to the demon world.
Dante continues his way while slaying demons and finally arrives at the point in which the item necessary for him to continue was. Before he could touch though a huge one eyed flying devil appeared out of nowhere. He claimed to have lost his own eye to Sparda, and to hate him for betraying the demon race. He told Dante that he has the same scent and so the battle begun. Dante barely managed to slash his remaining eye while taking a direct punch as well. Beowulf, the devil vows to return since even though he could no longer see, his nose would eventually lead him to Dante again. Meanwhile a cut-scene shows the place where Dante and Lady saw Arkham's body. No body there anymore.


Dante finally gets the item he needed but he suddenly felt incredibly weakened while holding it. Then Jester appears. He explains to Dante that the item sucks the souls of those who hold it. And also that he needs to get to the basement to stop Vergil as soon as possible. Dante is yet again annoyed by his words but calms after hearing that the item, in return for his soul, it grants power. And in that stage you constantly lose health, but you are in Devil Trigger mode all the time. After a long a difficult run Dante reaches a bridge. Some demons lurk there but are demolished by a horse-demon who can control time. Dante looks very pleased with the fight, and after a while the bridge shutters and they end up in a colosseum where the battle - according to Dante was even more fun. Dante finally beats the horse and gets the power to freeze time - as a style, the Quicksilver.
After that we see Vergil proceeding towards the lair, when Beowulf appears. He seemed to have confused Vergil with Dante but Vergil didn't give him time to think about it as he teared him into pieces instantly. After that he claimed Beowulf's power and turned into a martial artist pro.


After that, we see Vergil performing some sort of ritual. He combines the two amulets and puts them inside a hole. Then he cuts his hand and lets his own blood fall into that hole too.
Meanwhile Dante went towards the lair as fast as he could.
When he reached it, Vergil was angry as hell. The ritual seemed unsuccessful and Dante mocks him again, this time with more confidence. Vergil, calms down and answers back, saying that if the ritual needs more blood, Dante's will make do. Then draws off the power of Beowulf and the battle begins. This time they both could use their devil powers so the battle was quite equal. Lady appeared to kill Vergil, but the battle of the twins progressed like she wasn't there. After that both of them injure each other and Jester appears.
He congratulates them on doing everything he had planned. He throws Lady to the ground and takes her rocket launcher. Vergil tries to chops him too, but being weakened by the battle he's no match. Dante too tries to shoot him but instead took a kick as well. After that Jester turns into Arkham and start explaining that all this was his plan and all of them his pawns. Also, the remaining key for the ritual was the blood of a certain priestess, which runs on Lady's veins. He makes a wound on her and the spell is deactivated. He manages to throw everyone out of range while the tower grows even further towards the sky. Vergil is thrown in a hole while Lady and Dante watch the tower.


This is really big, so yet again I have to make another post.;)


TimeLord Detective
And the last part.

Lady decides to go and stop Arkham, while he has reached the top of the tower once again. Dante tries to talk her out of it but she looks down on him for being a demon and ignores him.
Dante decides to go up the tower too. In this mission you can collect Vergil's Beowulf right at the start.
Basically all the mission is Dante going higher and higher until he finally reached the ground. In there he sees Lady's motorcycle falling, he catches it with Cerberus weapon and rides with it as much as it could before encountering some demons who made him use the motorcycle as a weapon and as a result rendered the motorcycle useless.

At the next mission, Dante has reach the insides of the tower, while Lady is still climbing. Dante is on the weirdest mission, to rotate the tower maany times until he gets the items to go forth. Meanwhile Arkham on top of the tower preaches some things about the demon world, probably the words of a spell that will help him open the gate. In the end of the mission the gate is finally open and Arkham goes inside.

The opening of the gate has made Dante's Devil Trigger acting weird, but doesn't stop him at all. While proceeding he finds Lady exhausted in a library. She uses that to persuade her that she isn't fit for the job. Lady refuses to stand back, and a fight between them begins. Of course Dante is superior and the battle ends quickly. After that Lady crashes ultimately, letting herself accept her grief and that she can't do anything right now. Dante tries to comfort her, even kissing her, but she refuses. But instead provides Dante with the rocket launcher in return for his name. Dante vows to sent her father back to her and leaves.


Meanwhile Arkham is inside the demon world. He walks on some strange purple rocks until he finally finds Sparda's sword. The Force Edge, that Dante used on the original Devil May Cry. Arkham grabs the sword. It appears that little swings of it can cut through distance, and really well too.
Back on Dante though. Dante climbs up the tower and just before the top a new gate has appeared. Inside there is a dark room filled with lights, which are closed. Dante watches his shadow going away from him and turning Devil Trigger Form independently. Dante fights his shadow and after a while it turns into human and solid form. Dante tries to fight it again but it does the exact same movements. Dante accepts it inside him and gains a new style the Doppelganger which allows him to create a clone of him to fight at his side.


Dante finally enters the gate to the demon world looking for Arkham.
All the demon world is white. Like it has been cleansed.
In this mission, Dante can fight almost every previous boss of the game to unlock a mystical portal that will lead him to the next mission. A giant chess board filled with damned chess pieces has to be beaten too. Dante easily surpasses that and goes forth.
Arkham on the other hand, combines the two amulets, taken from the hole that Vergil had inserted them into and tries to bond them with Force Edge. The sword stays the same but Arkham gains new devil form and gains a portion of Sparda's power, taking after his image too.

The second to last mission begins with Lady. She's still sitting in the library when suddenly someone passes before her. It's a figure we all wanted back.
Dante, tries to find his way through some weird portals that look like his amulet. And after a while and a few trials he gets to where Arkham is. Arkham is way too overconfident and attacks Dante from behind but Dante easily blocks. They talk a bit and Dante (how typical:p ) mocks Arkham. Arkham laughs as well and transform into a hideous blob which supposedly matches his demonic form. They fight for a bit but although Arkham seems well, Dante looks a bit tired. Arkham tries an attack but his hand gets cut off. Vergil has returned.
Dante complains a bit, that Vergil stole his spotlight but they ultimately decide to join forces and defeat the blob. Arkham doesn't like this and starts bluffing all sort of things but the twins don't seem to hear him.
After some really nice combined attacks, Arkham loses all power and gets thrown off the demon world. Force Edge and the amulets fell in a hole and the twins rashed to catch them. Each of them quickly grasped his own amulet but the sword continue to fall...


Lady got to the top of the tower. She seems really tired about all this but also determined to end this. Suddenly Arkham appears all bloody and weak. Yet again tries to persuade her, though with the wrong way, by saying that killing one miserable human being a.k.a. her mother was a little necessary sacrifice to achieve greatness. Lady shots all f her bullets to him and then fells down crying.
The twins got on a waterfall. The Force Edge is between them, but Vergil gets to it faster. Dante tries to persuade Vergil that this is not what their father would have wanted. But Vergil has his own ambition and demands Dante's amulet. The fight begins. Dante is somehow stronger than before and Vergil can't even believe his own lack of strength. They both charge at each other with Dante cutting down Vergil. Vergil relinquishes Force Edge but keeps him amulet. Then tells Dante to leave the demon world, since the portal was closing, as the amulet had been seperated, while he chose to stay in the demon world. Vergil jumps from the waterfall while Dante leaves.
Dante meets Lady near his(or what has become of it)shop. She takes her weapon back and with Dante they kill some demons together one last time.
After that Dante finally found that Devil Hunting is what he lives for. He rebuilt his shop, changed his attire into something more professional and named the shop Devil May Cry.

As a side note. Vergil, after losing to Dante, and having just landed from falling of a waterfall meets the Prince of Darkness, and challenges him. Pretty stupid, but cool nevertheless;)


And those were, for all of you the events of Devil May Cry 3. The prequel to the Original Devil May Cry. Hope I helped to make some things a bit more clear.

Here's also some links of the site^_^

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As in the previous thread fill free to add whatever comments you may^_^


yea that was pretty good but at the end i think vergil was fighting mundis's servants before challanging mundis himself because he looked rather tired and it wasn't from the waterfall.:D


TimeLord Detective
It was from the fall. I don't see why hide us that he fought someone before Mundus. He simply was tired from Dante and from the fall.


TimeLord Detective
Well, here's an explanation. It is not official but I believe that's probably the case.

Sparda is the special Costume of Dante. Apart from just another costume for Dante he is somehow another character. Having the shadow of a demon even in human form etc.

When they included Vergil in Special Edition they wouldn't of course create another Sparda with Vergil's moves for the special Costume of Vergil. They wanted to include Nelo Angelo just like they included Dante's DMC1 clothing. But Nelo Angelo did not have a human attire in DMC1. So they probably thought they would dress him up in Dark Knight's clothing since he works for Mundus etc.

Of course in future DMCs this could prove to be his true form while not in DT or just something random to go with Special Edition. ;)


The Fallen One
Question: About the Hell gates, what of them Sparda sealed first? Temen-ni-gru or Fortuna gate? (need references)


Shadow DMC Player
or was it?

nah JK

but man Tony you did a great job explaing all this stuff

+rep man :)

Xtreme Style

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