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devil bringer mod for dante


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imagine how badass it would be if you could give dante the db in exchange for a style like say royal guard it would be so sweet plus thanks to debug mode you could play early missions with dante not to mention the aeriel combat nd jc juggling possibilities what do ye think and more importantly is it possible?


maybe add it in as an extra style for him, like Darkslayer. I would actually rather replace Darkslayer for the DB since he's already got Swordmaster for his melee combat.


True but you wpuld lose yamato aerial rave then which wpuld be missed badly
Depends on the player, I'm hoping they give Dante more weapons like in 3 where you have so many that you have to equip and un-equip. That could also work for styles. They could even give OG Dante Dmc's combat in a style to please new players of the series and thus giving him more variety.


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Just do it like the Style-Switcher mod for DMC 3: SE on PC where pressing down on the D-Pad twice does a different style from pressing the other buttons. It may not be ideal, but it certainly solves the problem.

You could even use Lucifer as a buffer while you switch to Swordmaster if needed.
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