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Co-op Mod Skyrim Together gets closer to release

Dark Drakan

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After reading that Enderal: Forgotten Stories was launching on Steam tomorrow I read that another highly anticipated mod entered closed Beta last month. Skyrim Together is a co-op mod that lets you play Skyrim with (at the moment) 7 other players with potentially more in future, and after a few false starts it appears to have entered closed Beta last month. 2 years after the initial launch was due it is now closer than ever to launching and they have said they are hoping it will be available to everyone 6-8 weeks after closed Beta ends. The mod, when released, will feature its own launcher (Bethesda objected to the release of the mod on Steam).




Dark Drakan

Well-known Member
There was big news on the release of this mod in the last few days and the team have announced the release date for when the Skyrim Together Reborn multiplayer co-op mod will come out is now days away and it will be available to all on July 8th.

3 years after my initial post about the mod and its finally coming.

It was originally intended to launch as a beta, but the announcement over on Reddit says that last minute improvements mean it can be fully released as full release version 1.0 instead.

How to download and install​

You will be able to download the Skyrim Together Reborn mod from Nexus on July 8th and you will need Special Edition 1.6 on Steam to install and play.

It does not support the VR, Legendary, and Game Pass editions. It’s also recommended that you play without the Anniversary upgrade.

You can verify the Skyrim Special Edition game files through Steam to update it from 1.5 to 1.6 if necessary. Check out the Skyrim Together Reborn wiki for the FAQ and more instructions.​

Dark Drakan

Well-known Member
Skyrim Together Reborn Patch 1.1.0


Patch Notes
How to update

Players should delete the old installation of Reborn and download the new version on Nexus. Server owners need to pull the latest docker image. If you are using Playtogether, you may have to launch a new session.

You do not need to start a new game after a Reborn update comes out. You can keep using the same save files.

For those of you who are running the ARM image through docker, that image will be updated at a later time.


We noticed that some people are having a lot of issues with stability (as was predicted before launch). The new wiki guides have a few solution to crashes on connect and such. We also recommend both disabling the "Anniversary Upgrade" DLC pack AND deleting the 4 free mods that come with 1.6. If you want to do that, remember that you cannot delete these mods on an existing save file, and will thus have to start a new game. A guide on how to do delete these 4 mods can be found here: https://wiki.tiltedphoques.com/tilt...he-anniversary-editions-creation-club-content

Furthermore, we noticed that quests and dungeons tend to break more when the party leader does not connect to the server first, or (rarely) when the party leader does not enter an area first. We recommend that you try and make sure that the party leader is always first, at least when connecting to the server. If the party leader crashes, it is recommended that everyone disconnects and only reconnects when the party leader has connected again.


  • The server list is visible again
  • The UI's back end had a mini overhaul resulting in less issues with the UI not showing up, along with some new features (thanks @Keyle !)
  • Some enemies not dying after going below 0 hp has been fixed by removing kill cams (this could also potentially solve the "duplicated loot from dead bodies" issue)
  • Enemy aggro should now target the entire party more equally instead of just the party leader
  • The "Healing Hands" spell should now work on other players
  • The UI has more descriptive error messages
  • Duplicated quest items can be dropped without them getting re-added
  • Player homes from DLC and mods should now also not sync chests (thanks @Ejektaflex !)
  • Linux support through Proton has been improved by allowing the UI to close (thanks @extract !)
  • XP sync can now be disabled through a server setting
  • Fixed a crash when enchanting an item when the player was not connected to a server
  • Fixed the chest in "Diplomatic Immunity" being empty (this chest does not sync anymore)
Next update

This is what we hope to accomplish in the next update (no promises of course):

  • Fix freeze/crash on picking up arrows
  • Fix werewolf transformation occuring for everyone
  • Fix "favorites" menu not working properly
  • Have an option to disable syncing dropping items (since that feature can be quite buggy anyways)
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