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  • Donte is a nickname made by the Japanese Devil May Cry fanbase for the new Dante of DmC. It just kind of caught on here and Capcom Unity.
    I live with my parents as well sadly...sigh. No privacy at all.

    Whats your take on Donte?
    I'm alright.

    Playing Fist of the North Star - Ken's Rage on PS3 right now, but thats about it. Sadly got to get ready to go to work tomorrow in the wee bits of the morning.

    How's you? Hangin?
    I know you going to get Marvel vs Capcom 3 and main Trish and Dante, I know it lmao.
    Ok, working and all, playing video games and taking care of my mother.


    ^ There's the link. Just slap it in one of them good ol'
    :D :D :D Well it sounds like things are going good on the love front. I haz happies for you! :D
    And insomnia...aih *headdesk* It's been getting to me as well lately, and I've tried EVERYTHING in the book (and not in the book) to try overcome it. I think my mind is just too busy and my body can't sleep because of it. The only advice I can give is to try relax and blank out your mind as much as you can...the only way I can think to accomplish this is to smoke enough pot to kill half your brain cells and space you out, but that's just an idea, not a suggestion >_<
    I miss you too! How have you been, what are you up to? Zany wants to get back into RPing again - think you'd be interested?
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