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  • I want to do such things to. That's why I'm going into computer courses about programming and stuff.

    I tried out a program called "RPG maker 2000", the best in my opinion throughout the RPG maker series. You could design your own rpg pretty much like the old FF games, monsters, abilities, equipment, animations, characters, music, everything. All you needed to do all that is being good at drawing stuff such as tiles or parts of animations to create a new sets instead of the original set you got in the beginning.
    A game designer? I bet you would be a great one. Designing future awesomeness such as Final Fantasy XXII and Starcraft V!
    Your great at making art. Must've trained very much to be this good.

    Maybe you should make art for a living irl?
    Thats weird, i just got your message now, yet it's got yesterdays date on it. o_O.
    Anyway sorry for the late response.
    I'm fine, how are you. (yeah i asked you this already but that was yesterday :p)
    God it's beautiful!
    Thank you!

    Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been home since in the morning. Feels mighty strange being away from home 'til 23:00 just being with school... Yeah... It was a school day.
    Aww... That's sad to hear.

    My dreams are what they should be, mere dreams.
    Must have been rough, glad your ok though. ^_^
    And thanks, i'll be sure to do that, but before i can talk about, I need to deal with it.
    Talk to you tomorrow. Bye.
    I'm not even going to bother complaining, kicked out.
    Damn, where are you holding up?
    BTW, feel free not to answer any question if it's personnal.
    But everything is fine now?

    Now that you got the internet, gonna chase after dreams?
    A Little, I honestly thought you were injured or something.
    Good to see your ok though.
    I've been fine, a little sore and stressed but otherwise quite well.
    Hey hey! No probs, we all got our troubles.

    What's been happening, except being kicked out of your house.
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