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  • Lazy? D:

    I actually keep less contact with everyone on the forums. I'm waiting for others to come by and say hi for once. xP

    How ya doin'?
    Sorry for being so quick and not answering your reply correctly but I had to get some sleep pretty quickly.

    I usually do try it, but waiting for so long for them to adress me when I can just send them a message... I think they are used to with me always taking the first step and say hello everytime. :O
    I want someone to contact me for once, just to know that I'm not a burden. T_T
    ^That was way off topic and you shouldn't adress that at all.^

    I've been up to being bored. Since there's no school until next week for me, all I do at the day is play Starcraft 2 and sleep, and at night I'm trying to catch myself a good conversation with Marisa. That's pretty much it, every day for the past week. >.<
    People are too judging. I can see it in their faces, if I make one wrong expression they will see me as an angry teenager. <.< I don't even dare showing what I've bought since they will judge me. :ninja:

    I've always thought that I am the one who should make contact and friends. If someone contacts me, I get schocked and overjoyed. But that's barely happening... :(
    It's good to have many friends in real life, even though you hid your true self from them. ^_^
    Motivation is a possible buckload of new friends and strange surprises that you never thought would happen.

    Strange, I'm so social on here but in real life I don't even like making eye contact to people I don't know. D:
    The same goes for you my friend. :D

    Just new members? It's fun going on a VM raid on all currently online people once in a while, you should try that. :p
    Hey, no probs. Your an old friend of mine, and I've got a habit of trying to stay in contact with friends. I appreciate all the replies I get. ^_^

    So you send people random friend requests? :O
    You can't expect everyone to come and say hi, especially if you haven't been on for that long. I always introduce myself properly with a friend request to those who seems nice. ^_^

    And hey! I bother to talk to you, if that means anything.

    Have a good nights sleep my friend.
    Many of the new people are really really nice on here though. Like Marisa, Tonks, Miaka, DreadnoughtDT, BlueDevil, Karen_Azalea, Drakkar, Meg127, etc.
    I understand ya. There's so many friends in the forums that has come and gone, it's sad. He was one of those who inspired me to be here as well, by the time he left everything felt kind of empty.

    Now I've got many more new friends on the forums, but I can't stop thinking about the old ones I had before on here, how it was then and how incredibly stupid I was. >.<
    You can drop him a VM for him to answer whenever he is online too. Sometimes being online at the same time is a rare occasion, that's why it's easy to continue a discussion by replying even though the other one is offline.^_^

    He is. He actually was a rolemodel for me back in the day. His happy spirit and personality, people all around him taking liking to him. :D
    Has has been experiencing life. xP

    He was a good friend to many, still is good a friend to many. ^_^
    He actually said he was back in a thread in the welcoming section named "Such is life... Yaddah Yaddah" or something like that.
    Not unwillingly... I've been locked in the house for a month due to having nothing to do outside except being all lonely. T_T
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