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  • wats the point of having a PARTNERSHIP if u leave it .
    ok well hope u have fun ON YOUR OWN .. i will copy all my work from the thread and make my own res fan fic
    ok ... if u want to leave a partnership halfway through
    then be my quest but i will continue to progress in the story and make up what Claire does ...... as u wont
    well how am i meant to carry it on ....
    i need your input so i don't go away from the main plot.....
    please stay around
    i love your story ... its so detailed and cool . if anyone's is bad its mine . i have never done a fan fic before
    arwen i have just came online to post the next part of the res story and i just looked at your profile and please dont go
    but I said sorry... I apologized to you. My pal likes the story, don't blow him off just coz I'm a jerk, that's not right on him. He deserves to be treated well, and I'm not saying that by leaving he won't be. see ya, I hope u don't go, I'm so sorry :(
    well ive onli just started up here and he was the first one to offer to help me so hes been a big help to me so could you please be nice to him ^^
    Well I can't say I have. But when someone offends me, then asks kindly for an apology, only to further be offended... And then finally apologizes for their own actions... I give them an apology. It's called common decency.
    I do actually :dry:

    It wasn't criticism that u did... You personally offended me, that is different. I don't think you see the difference, which is why you're not mature enough to apologize. See... Offend me, and I'll offend you. Get use to me being like this, coz I get annoyed easily when I'm offended ;)
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