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Angel of Death
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  • welcome to the forums :)
    being hacked couldve been worse i had my youtube acont hacked once no more auto sighn in and save pw for me
    Befriend me then. Its really effing easy to do.

    Just click Befriend Esura on my page.
    Just telling you, cause I've been here for awhile and is very familiar with how things go down here. Also, I was banned once too, so I know how it is on the punishment side too lmao
    Dude, chill out, and just observe the forum and how people act. If you keep posting random posts in threads that has nothing to do with what you posted, you are going to get in trouble dood by the moderators or admins, cause its considered spam.
    lol, there should be some rules or some guide on the forum to help you out
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