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Young characters


The devil in the dark
I think I. Starting to love dmc4 Nero more than DMC5 Nero entirely for his devil bringer lines. Especially against evil pope "your the demon, not me", "Pray for your savior, cause you're gonna need him"
And just the simple "I'm not interested in your bullshit!" It really does feel like a younger version of the kid who eventually went "F YOUUU" to his dad. Only thing I enjoy more is while anyone can say f you as an obvious sign they're mad I think DMC4 expressed Nero's brash personality more. They may have strayed a bit too far trying to make him anything but "Dante lite" this time around. Nero never seemed like the straight man he's played as in 5. If anything he's the person I'd expect to be the MOST agressive, albeit while probably tearing up. Idk I think it's the same reason I prefer dmc3 Dante performance wise. Just the way they voice their younger counterparts that gives them a certain young boyish charm. Just not a fan of them mellowing out with age despite how phenomenally they've handled the aging of Nero and Dante throughout the entire franchise, you remember hear them carry themselves differently and how they've matured. Ruben can't seem to recapture young Dante though.
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