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Woo hoo....

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Cya, nighty night, don't let the calico colored guiena pig bite, lol.


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Damn man some one should make some rules.

Like Don't double post.

No Spamming the forum.

These make it look nice and clean.


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If we double post and spam the forums we'll look like noobs and no one will want to join.

So please keep the spam to a minimum.


Samurai Bartender
Wow there are a lot of you, haha. Well anyway, I have arrived now and you will be seeing alot of me. As for rules, I believe we will not have to force upon people. Though we may not want to seem like "noobs" by spamming or DPing, we also do not want to be too strict or people will not join as well.


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Tutorial on how to use coding on this message board

this spoiler box

It's really helpful. Look at what I did :)
for the third line under spoiler box, I double no parsed it (look below, I'll triple no parse it so it'll show the double), so it does work, you just have to learn to use it.

Sorry if this is unrelated, but I can't make a new thread on these boards to help the people who wanna know how to use the coding on these board.


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This place may not look as if it has rules, but most already know how a forum works and have some rule they follow like no DPing or spamming.


aka Bindshooter1
this much
Threads: 171
Posts: 2,623
Members: 99
sweet who will be 100 member and a lot of new post

jeeral harold

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hi .. i enterd this forum just now ....
this is great to see 99 members \cause i visited many DMC forums , but non was with this huge number of threads and members
this is a great progress 4 the game
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