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Why did you...


Oldschool DMC fan
...Pick the username you did for this place? Does it have a history/reason behind it?

Some are pretty obvious, others are sort of mysterious.

I joined my home forum in 2004 under a different username and then the entire thing went down for a year. When it came back I was impatient to get back on and signed up with the first name I could think of which was a stupid nickname version of my own name. Since then I'm so used to it and so is everyone else I've interacted with online that I use it unthinkingly for all other places. How boring.



Don't trust people
My username contains the first letters in my fathers, my own, and my sis's name. It's a memory of the great time we had together in our past. ^_^


I'd joined Sons of Sparda once with this username and so I just thought that I use it here. Wasn't on that forum for long anyways. Also due to me reading/watching Azumanga diaoh.


Dante enthusiast!
I'm really, really crap when it comes to usernames.

Most forums I join you can't change them either, so I always feel a bit stupid.

I thought I'd just use my real name here 'cuz I like that Dante named his gun after me! :D

- I warned you guys I was crap with usernames! lol


God of Hyperdeath
Supporter 2014

Well, I REALLY liked the Dreadnought DT from DMC4, so I decided... Why not use it here? ^_^

Darth Angelo

Tuck-yet-chi-say-denie trieve trick-dis-nie
Vergil and his fall reminds me of the story an Anakin Skywalker.

His lust for power leads him to a powerful emperor who grants him dark powers in exchange for his servitude. Minus the nazi helmet/horns they look quite similar too with the cape and evil distorted voice. And Nelo has always been my favorite DMC character so I decided to mix them together.

Dante's Stalker

"Outrun this!"
Supporter 2014
My original username was a mixture of things. I had to come up with something other than 'tellicat', which is what my cousin set up my first email account with. I never liked it. Maybe because the word 'cat' is in there.
When I signed up to hotmail I had to come up with something unique.
So, the Clair was inspired by the name my brothers used to taunt me with when we were kids (there was a movie named Rock-a-Doodle with a rooster called Chanticleer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwgK...C47D4280D&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=1 - because the first half of the name is a shortened version of my actual name, they started calling me Chanticleer)
Avance was a mixture of Evanescence, whom I was nuts about at that time, and a long lineage of powerful witches known as the Evana clan.

It's been good anyway, since all the sites I sign up to I never have to think hard for a username that isn't already in use.

My current username is the alias of an OC of mine.

Daring Dylan

This is all we got now.
My name is a Haunting Ground reference to character named Daniella, and her nickname was Dani, like me. She said "I am not complete" during the chase scenes with Fiona, so I combined our nicknames and Incomplete and got my username.

Before that, though, I was Danigurl102938 which was my first email address my cousin made for me.


Well-known Member
Meg because that's my name and 127 because that was my number for the cross country championship. Even though I haven't cared about XC in years I still use that number for the heck of it. Plus, its easy to remember:lol:


One King One Legend
Arabian: Because of Arabasta arc. Lufy wears arab clothes in that arc only, and because I'm from Saudi Arabia.

Luffy: Just a fan of this character and One Piece, and I started a crew as their captain.


Enma Katana no Kami
Darkslayer is the signature style of my favorite dmc character. and I've always been fond of the number 13. most people think it is unlucky. but the truth is it is simply a number that represents change.


Well-known Member
My login is after a character in anime series "Rurouni kenshin". First japanese character that impressed me.

Chaos Raiden

Avid Gamer & Reviewer
My username "Chaos Master" is a so called nickname for me during my high school due to my very passive behaviour. They gave me this nickname as a joke, and thought that I will bring chaos everywhere I go. Although I am not that kind of person. :lol:

The next thing, I was and still commonly known as C.M., and they kept calling me that. Lousy username, I know. But it is fun. :D
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