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Who is stronger:Spoilers


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So we know that nero awakend his DT and beat Vergil but is it becuase he already faced with Dante what do you think
Would Nero still have beaten vergil


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Nero awakened faced a vergil who had battled dante for over 40 minutes, they were on their last stand and about to do one final blow

A fresh vergil with full stamina, would have beaten nero

It is the arkham scenario all over again after dante vs vergil 2nd fight in DMC3


the horror was for love
Seconding the Arkham scenario, and adding that Vergil's also holding back at the beginning of the Nero fight. (Kinda like the Dante fights in DMC4, except there's that musical cue when Vergil starts taking it more seriously.) If Vergil had been in the mood for filicide, I don't think Nero would've made it. I think Nero has the potential to be as strong as the twins, but I think he needs a bit of time and growing.
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