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Where There Really People Who Wanted Trish To Be Playable In The First Game?


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I've twice heard about people wanting Trish to be playable in DMC 1, once in the DMC tv tropes page and another in a recent video about DMC 2. Can anyone who has been in the fandom long enough confirm this? Was there really an audience for Trish being playable in DMC 1?


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Not at first. There wasn't an established internet fan community back then, the internet didn't have all these things yet, but when it did become more established I did see a lot of people mention it. There was also a rumor that Trish was, in fact, planned to be playable since the game is a RE spin off and RE games have had multiple playable characters in every iteration till 4.


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Not that I remember. But she was playable in DMC2 although whether that was a more recent thing I can't remember. There have been so many re-releases with slightly tweaked content of 1-4 since then. But if they didn't think people would have wanted it, I don't suppose they would have done it. She has turned out to be a mainstay of the series.
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