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Where’s Sparda Part 1

Handsome Devil Sparda

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At this point we have no Idea where Sparda is but I do have canonical proof on not “where” but “when” he’s at, Ya’ll remember Bayonetta the game right? Remember the accessories she gets? Well one of them being similar to that of in DMC1?…it’s called the Time Bangle and if you know the game, you know it’s known for time travel! Oh so you are thinking “so after his family dies he just goes back in time pulling a Captain America endgame move?” Yes because in another source and it’s funny where it comes from…it’s Veautiful Joe Dante is Back mode! (Also has a time bangle and that’s how I stumbled upon this source) it’s revealed after Mundas (ya he’s back) that Eva sacrificed herself knowing how the future will play out and put her soul into the perfect amulet! (yep your carrying mommy with you) but how could she?! Because like in Bayonetta what is said is SHES A MASTER OF TIME! So Sparda is the Past!


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The idea behind Sparda is that he a mystery. Uncovering the mystery ruins some of the fun.
I dont like mysteries. I like my plot clear and understandable.
A headcannon would be that some demon managed to trap him into hell where he died. Then attack the rest of the family.
And now that Spardas coprse is in hell, the twins go on a quest to do burial.
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