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What defines NG+ to you?

Dr. Cheesesteak

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** possible gameplay spoilers (not story spoilers) for a couple games (AC6, Nier, Chrono Trigger), for those like to experience something 100% blind **

So I'm playing Armored Core 6 and it has somewhat of a hybrid NG+ system. It is like the traditional NG+ system where you just do the same campaign over again, but w/ your already-existing character w/ their stats, gear, etc carried over from your first/prior playthrough. But it is also like the Nier games (Automata and Replicant/Gestalt) where new paths, new narratives, new perspectives, etc open up and are exclusive to additional playthroughs.

Bear in mind, I stated "additional playthroughs", b/c it was generally not considered NG+ for Nier, given that the additional playthroughs essentially added to the original playthrough, most fans adopting the mindset of "the first playthrough is actually playing the game 4 times" type of deal. And I'd agree. And one thing to note, I'm not sure how many games offer a NG+ system and actually officially call it "New Game +" in their game. But that's neither here nor there, just a note on semantics...although this thread is sorta about semantics lol.

But anyway, the general consensus is to still call AC6's system "NG+" and I think that's because the new narratives and paths are essentially "optional", as they depend on choices the player makes as they play that new playthrough (and even previous playthroughs, technically).

So it just got me thinking... Should NG+ be defined as something more rigid of just "take your existing character and play the same campaign again (but of course now you can make different decisions that affect the campaign...but those decisions were still available in the 1st playthrough)" or is there some flexibility? If NG+ has new, unique content exclusive to it, should that technically be "NG+" too? Does it matter to what degree? Like Niers is so different, that's why it is not called "NG+". And iirc, Chrono Trigger's NG+ opened up new dungeons or optional content? But the campaign remained the same, yes? Please correct me if I'm wrong. I think Sea of Stars is also adding some unique content exclusive to NG+ in that same spirit.

So should NG+'s definition just be dependent on the main campaign and what narrative/story/world elements may or may not be optional? Should your character's stats carry over even fully matter? I heard Starfield has limits on what stats/skills carry over in NG+ (I'm sure other games do, too). What are your thoughts?
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I don't have a definitive answer. Ideally I would like to have all the paths open from the first playthrough. On the other hand however, having the same end stats (from your previous run) specifically made to deal with new content would end up giving those stats more role playing weight behind them.
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