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Vergil's insertion into the series


The devil in the dark
I'd just like to take a moment to applaud that I think I've yet to see a character introduced as well as Vergil. He single handledly changed Dante from being a pure protagonist in the series to a dual protagonist, I know this may not be true in the story sense but in media, the minds of the fans, Vergil is just as important as Dante. Even on games where he didn't appear fans talk about him and ask for him to be put in, dmc4 being the primary example but MvC3:SE, Project Xzone, and DMC5 are big examples, even before release it was pretty common knowledge Vergil would be involved and some went against this Theory just because it would be "too obvious" actually, let me retract my earlier statement, the one place I have seen this done better is the originator of this trait in modern Japanese culture, Vegeta, Vergil rise is importance is comparable to him, just as you would need to explain why Vegeta isn't in new dragon ball media that Goku is, the Same goes for Vergil and Vegeta, especially since they've even had the same arc of the evil one was stronger, then weaker, then evil one became REALLY evil for a power boost that still wasn't strong enough for the good ones snazzy new form and finally when the evil one isnt such a prick anymore are they able to become ANNOYINGLY equal to their counterpart
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