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Vergil's Downfall Unreleased Soundtrack Soundcloud Stream

by OppressedWriter on Dec 22, 2013 at 1:43 AM


  1. Ash.
    Yes! Thank you.

    I especially like the PoP-like melody towards the beginning of the track. Very nice.
    Y'know, honestly I gotta say that I felt the music in Vergil's Downfall didn't grab me. All I got was a lot of horns and drums flowing together :( Nothin' stood out to me.
  3. DragonMaster2010
    I agree. Compared to all the metal and electronica/dubstep music that was in DmC, Vergil's Downfall music didn't really catch my attention.

    The only song that did catch my attention was the first song that plays when Vergil dies.
  4. OppressedWriter
    I think its because its more of a classic movie like score, so its very subtle in comparison to the poppy aggrotech stuff from the main game. I still love the Death of Dante, that's the boss theme, its really freaking epic the way its synced with the approaching storm in the distance.

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